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Bhh was the bomb. (Do people still say that?) There were so many people, a couple or two of new faces and some old faces which hadn’t been in a while.

I wasn’t the first one there this time but I was the first one to sit down. I was quickly joined by Kissyfur (so sorry about not carrying your book, btw) and then Princess and Jazz figured we were there for BHH and joined us. Kissyfur asked the waiter if he was there for BHH too, probably because she was expecting more new people to turn up. Phantom was there for a hot minute (one must live up to his name) and had to leave early because he lives very far away…in Entebbe! Rev walked in looking a little out of it, what with his hair heading every which way. B2B walked in and then everyone kind of flooded in.


So much was talked about, where to begin (that isn’t a question.) We did briefly discuss the issue of moving the venue and the only suggestion was Steak Out. What do y’all who weren’t there think? Thursday at Steak Out? Also there was talk of a Beach Bash. Do comment and let’s decide.

For the pics, facebook me.


13 thoughts on “BHH

  1. Pics are on your facebook? I added you. Hell I just created an account, now go add me!!! NOOOOWWWWWW!

    Can you tell I’m being a little impatient??

  2. Lemme go and see.

    I see Rev is ok. Been worried.

    Don’t ask.

  3. Bambi, I don’t wanna miss that beach bash.

    I’m sobbing. Almost

  4. @Cheri: Yeh, that’s caused I bailed his broke arse! What’s your facebook? Go find me, it’s just De Tamble.

  5. beach bash yay!

  6. Who is collecting the contributions. Wen I saw all you cool people yesterday, I started cooking up an excuse to be around you again. Maybe I will come of as cool too eventually. And I thought these people have never taken this out of town? Set a date and can I know ASAP? Cool people. That sounds nice. Cool people

  7. Baywatch sounds like a plot. Who will bring the sensa milia?

  8. @ Bazanye: That will be me 🙂

  9. ha ur blog roll isnt full. i was there watching too, i am the lethel blogger ever watching in the shadowz. Abt Baz……….. does he still have that cartoon book i last saw him reading? i think it was abt aboy and anew paper…. soething of the kind

  10. I’m buying a new bikini just for the occasion.

  11. no pics either? can’t y’all understand that i can not access facebook? they are after all blogger pictures. why are they at facebook? i hate y’all. honest.

  12. @Antipop: I can put the pics, or some of them on my blog if you want. Or you can whine at the actual Ugandan Bloggers until they put them up. But it probably won’t happen cause we all know just how lazy those people are… *mutters racial insults*

  13. where is wood pecker,i wanna know coz i live there directions pliz ohh and i saw y’all at the bhh tihihi slipped past nice turn out.

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