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Bloggers’ Happy Hour is on Thursday 26th June, 2008 at Mateos at 6.30pm for lack of suggestions.

Do make it.


5 thoughts on “BHH

  1. For lack of ideas? Can’t we have it at . . . ok, have no ideas either but please someone suggest something!

  2. Just rub it in a little more why don’t you…

  3. can’t we have it at ‘the pyramids’? ((seriously grinning))

    detamble, you’ll be here for the december one and we will make it more ‘happening’ than usual just for you… we can even hire some male strippers just for you… would that please you?

  4. Pyramids,
    Male Strippers….
    i amsure we’ll have a few very new bloggers turning up, if not for the male strippers, the male strippers…

    But it does sound like a plan Sy!

    How about we just head to Dee’s house, i’ll bring all the drinks, and you can sort out a few snacks Dee..

    Er, and on a Sunday afternoon, so we can fly on DeTambs, Val…. and 31337t!

  5. @Sybella: That would please me greatly.

    @B2B: Yeah, let’s go to Dee’s house. And Cheri can bring her Chappelle DVD! And I’ll bring me. Or more accurately I’ll make Comrade bring me, since transportation is part of the deal. I think WildeY and GUG should come too…

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