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While I Was Away


Hey y’all. I know I have been gone a while and I will be gone a while more but in the meantime;

Kale that is a place in Kampala. Hot, crowded, smoggy Kampala has such a serene looking spot. I wouldn’t mind walking up that drive way everyday after a hard day’s work.

Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me remember the artists name but I think it is Peter or Paul or something with a P from the Bible. I love these, he calls it Tile Art and he shows at Iguana and there is a nice little corner in Woodpecker that is dedicated to his art. You should have a cup of coffee there if you are in Ntinda.

And that is of course my lover who has an aversion to shirts as you can see but whom I love regardless.
I know the resolution of the pictures sucks but blame my phone not my unsteady hands.

29 thoughts on “While I Was Away

  1. i has boots!

    but meanwhile, i no c names of places

    You came back and you brought a piece offering of pictures!! *dances around* YAAAY! I want that house. So much. If only I was rich…

    An aversion to shirts 😉 nice!

  3. eeeeeeeeeeeeek!! things reptilian, nice walk, and then naked person, were you by any chance sharing the aversion at the time?

  4. Lovely pic of the serenity Dee…
    and who is that chap?

    Oh, sorry it’s Baz…

    something about the resolution!

  5. i am going to gamble and say his aversion to shirts is because you tend to take them off him very often?

  6. Next time be sure to take a picture of his gut.

  7. Is that man wearing clothes?

  8. now now anonymous, please do not go to your grave this ignorant. miss darlkom or is it Mrs B, made sure to explain even to you who may;
    a)want to point out the obvious
    b)be annoyingly clueless
    c)all the above
    that “And that is of course my lover who has an aversion to shirts as you can see but whom I love regardless.”

  9. btw anon, i am only hating on you because u chose to hide identity. i would never hate on someone wit a face. i am a coward. so please do be kind on me if we meet some place

  10. Mbu aversion to shirts. Nonsense! You were both undressed and you chose to only sell him. Next time take both of you up to the waist. Just to give the guys something to look at. And for the girls, I’m not sure we’re interested considering Kakaire just sold him mbu he has a gut.

  11. @Anon: *rolls eyes* But she isn’t naked. You can see her singlet.

  12. Fact remains, y’all need to stop posting everything about your lives including photographs on the internet for everyone and anyone to see. Blogging is great but if you’re putting up personal stuff, make sure it’s not public! I don’t get it. Why would you want everyone to know so much about your personal life?

  13. Shenzi, how did I miss this all this while?

    Aversion to shirts? U shd have shown the “shorts” he was wearing.

    Some love. I need some.

  14. But i thought you loved your husband, whats his name “my alfie”
    we’ve been reading through your blog and we wondering,please clarify “my lover who has an aversion to shirts as you can see but whom I love regardless.”

  15. I must define ‘Lover’ as I use it. The person who loves me is my Lover and I am the Lovee. The person I love is the Lovee to my Lover.

    @DDB: Read through the whole blog. You’ve obviously been gone a while.

    @Anon: Do not use the cloak of anonymity. I don’t mind you saying what you want to say but give yourself a name, even if that name is ‘Me’

  16. Does it matter what I call myself? Me..Christine…Liz…Mary…My point remains the same. You should not be putting so much of your personal life on the net. You started off well with book reviews etc. and then you post pictures like this one. It really does not affect me in anyway but I am saying it for your own sake: don’t put all this online on a public blog, you’re giving out too much. Ignore it if you want to, but I think it’s for the better if you listen to me.

  17. @Anon: Allo you, what are you doing here anyway, do you see any comment like yours on any blog in the world? Is your browser stuck to this page? What is your problem, this is light fun for us, if you’re hiding in shadows thats your problem for us we like it like this so plz, f** off. I can see from your post that you’re a woman, well maybe you’re pissed coz you look funny and are not brave enough to put your face online.

    Are you, by any chance, just out of jail, village or a cryogenic chamber? Do you know a cryogenic chamber? Thats where they freeze ignorant people so that in the future, in a galaxy far, far away, some distant far-from-us civilization will unfreeze them to kill them properly.

    Behave, or we will put you back in the chamber.

    Magna res est vocis et silentii temperamentum

  18. Whoever you are, why do I disturb you so much? Because you like to wank while you look at her pictures and I’m trying to put a stop to this? Re the freezing stuff…this is the 21st century…wtf? Get with the times. It’s not starwars anymore.

    The reason I don’t put my face online, is I’ve got a bit of pride and I’m trying to preserve some privacy. Anyway. Darlyne, it’s a piece of advice, don’t let out too much of your private life because the whole world can see it which could be a bad thing in the future.

  19. Also:”…any blog in the world…” HA! Who says that?!

  20. @Anon: FYI star wars is set in the future, so put your habit back on, get back into the nunnery and stop being the moral police @ stopping me wanking. I’m female btw.

    Actually, maybe we should kill all blogs while we still at it, ok? will that make you happy?

  21. Why are you so mad? Anyone who knows anything will tell you that you should not post personal details on the internet! As I said before, blogs are great but you should make it private so only people you trust can access it OR make your blog anonymous so people don’t know your name when you write about stuff OR stick to generic blogs about random issues and leave your private life out.

    If you refuse to see the sense in that then there’s nothing else I can say. In the mean time, we’ll just keep finding out details of bloggers lives and chuckling to ourselves.

    Dominus, it does crack me up that you’d let someone like me who you don’t know wind you up so much. Chill. It’s not worth it. 😉

  22. Anon: Are you saying that anyone whose face is on a blog has no pride or sense of privacy? Perhaps you just have more to hide than the average person.

    And pray tell us, what kind of bad future things can happen from someone (whom we all know. At least those of us who are not hiding in anonymity) putting a picture of herself and her partner in a perfectly consensual non-adulterous relationship (which we all know about) on HER blog?

    We all understand your sentiments about the dangers of publicising personal details (like bank account numbers, passwords, favourite kinky stuff and hate mail to the boss), but you should respect that one can’t pontificate too much about the blogging decisions of other adults. You didn’t set the blogging rules and it’s not your job to enforce them.

    So thank you for the moral break and the overwhelming dripping concern, but they were a bit misplaced here. And if you don’t get it, just go away – you’re trying to fix something which ain’t broken.

    Mbu: “Dee started off well with book reviews but has now dropped to this…” How fucking patronising!

    Dee, forgive the French, the late reaction and the post in your comments box.

    And now to comment: *sigh*

    Greetings from Kyali.

  23. Anon is obviously one of those kla gals with 6 lovers, one for his car, one for fees, one for money, one for the parents, one for chips n chicken, one for love, one for..

  24. Point taken people. FYI, not even Ugandan. Suit yourselves. 😉

  25. Wow, everyone seems to have had lots of fun ripping into each other. Is it over now? Is it safe to come back?

    @Anon: Where are you from? America? Europe? Japan?

  26. Lilliput

  27. who stopped the fight ohhhh was just starting to get comfortable!!!

  28. where is wood pecker in ntinda i live there!please direct me

  29. now honestly,i have been around these e blogs a while but this kind of behaviour is acrimonious!! in the strongest terms, i condemn censorship and what it stands for [read colonialism, control, cavalier-attitudes]
    @anon: you know, i don’t know you so amma be… i think its candid? yeah thats it. in fairness, D doesnt hurt anyone by posting a pic of her and her lover for 3 principle reasons
    1. it helps to generate conversation at the next BHH allows us to see her without all the gloss that she had on that MTN 10k airtime card.
    3. she is pretty.
    now the arugument might sound a bit hedonist but then again wht do we write, if not to indulge and be indulged…
    @D: girl, you are livin it up! Quite impressive that you bribed him to get his shirt off,now make that bank payment before he writes a disclaimer!

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