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BHH review


I’m doing a review this time because Carlo said she was bored by her last one and might not do this one. (I am absolutely sure it is a gazillion times better than the one I am about to do)

I’ll start at the beginning.

6.30pm found me there already, as always, with my new book in tow and a cup of coffee in front of me. Donald, a friend of mine, was walking by and I roped him in. He said he would be there only a few minutes although he ended up staying the whole time, either that says we were too interesting for him to tear himself away or we were too weird for him to tear himself away. Miss Tandra was next and I was shocked that someone other than Carlo was the second one there. Guess Tandra wants firsties in real life as well. Not to fear though Carlo was hot on her heels and already before 7.00pm we were already filling a table.

The order in which everyone came after that is a bit messed up in my head so I’m simply going to put down the blogroll of the attendees.


Did I stutter? You read right, Minega was there, all the way from Rwanda! The rest of you who weren’t simply have no excuse.

It was so much fun. Robin, Raymond and Minega were the new guys. It was an evening filled with laughter. We talked about Carlo’s breeze, Mrs. B2B and how she needs to turn up, women hiring working girls for their annual fix, getting poked with alcohol and the state of Afghanistan as described in The Kite Runner which had me bawling by the way. Dante was disappointed that anitpop didn’t turn up but Heaven showing kinda made up for it.

We then headed for rock night, where I was mistaken for a first year and Heaven was mercilessly hit on by some guy, and were there for like a minute at which point we went home and promised we would turn up next month to do it all over again.

And now it is over (the review, I mean) and I must go back to work.


11 thoughts on “BHH review

  1. F I R S T I E……………. You confused me madam with the dates… That is my excuse….

  2. eh banange i got tripped…silly
    MTN! that was my firstie

  3. Three new men at bloggers’ night? Kicking myself for missing it. Kicking myself where it really hurts.

  4. i knew Carlo’s breeze would come up! i’m proud of you guys for not letting it go. 🙂

    question; can BHH be a lazy sunday afternoon thingy? brunch and whatnot? thursday are really bad sometimes. so…?

  5. @Tumwi: and these weren’t just any old guys, these men are hot.

    @Jas: We have been skirting around the issue of a change of venue and date for so long now but I’ll definitely bring it up again. If you could suggest a place, where would it be?

  6. will definitely be back with a few suggestions.

    your header…cool or what! what do the signs mean?

  7. Oh, I’m glad I know Ugandan Sign Language! The new header says “LOVELOVE”! :o)

    Lemme snake you. :o) Oh, on the BHH: whatevs.

  8. Your new header is the best!

  9. @27th: You snobbish wanker, even I could read that. Sheesh. Ugandan sign language readers my arse!

    Yes! Change the venue! And time. What if it was on a weekend during the late afternoon (and on into the night)…or something….

  10. Dee, the banner is too good…like something from a graphics designer’s head… Love the finger gestures.

    Otherwise, I really miss UBHH…cant wait to hit the next one.

  11. @Jasmine
    You know we (read I) had to let that breezy issue kept alive!
    Nice idea of changing the venue too…
    How about a laid back Barbeque sometime in July… Though where might be a trick?

    We talked about Mrs.B2B…

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