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Wonder Years.


Two days later and I have already finished ‘The Family Way’ and dearly paying for it. Why, you might ask. I’ll tell you. I was up till 2.00am last night reading it and I had to be up by 4.00am because I had to be in the office by 5.00am. Just know I am dying of sleep, I have no idea how I am going to make it through the rest of the day.

In other news, I found some old baby pictures of myself and I really wanted to put them up but we have no scanner or if we do, I have never seen it so I did the next best thing and took pictures of the pictures. Wasn’t I the cutest?

You know what killed me about these photos? The ‘fros. They were awesome weren’t they?

I love the way my mother looks all regal with her head held up high and I just look confused. I remember I loved that outfit and only finally gave it away when I was 16 or so.

What can I say? The 80’s were not the best time for high fashion. That’s my dad, by the way, in the Malaachi (the shoes) he loved so and made us where for about 3 years of our lives. (My siblings and I.)

Another confused looking picture of me. I really wonder what it was I was staring at? Was I attracted to the camera from so young an age?

This is my favourite. I’m positive my Mom was off to the side making sure my head was turned to the camera by dangling some shiny something. I can almost remember it.

I thought these would be apt seeing as its my birthday on Thursday. Send me hugs and presents on Facebook.


16 thoughts on “Wonder Years.

  1. Eh, bambi.

    You were a cute baby. So it doesn’t add up: they say cute babies turn ugly when they grow up. But you …

    Then there is me: ugly baby, ugly guy. :o)

    Nice shots, thank you for sharing. I don’t know whether to believe anything you said, though. 1st of April and all, you know.

  2. that first picture, i swear i thought i was looking at my mum’s sister and wondered what she was doing on blogger! goodness.

    these are cute. and you stayed mama.

    April rocks!

    so where’s the party?

  3. I’m not too sure about you, but your momi is quite the babe.

  4. Rev. U still ugly! Dee, adorable or what?

  5. In picture four- All the signs this won’t be an attentive kid/human being.Or what they call muwugulavu in luganda.

    Just messing with you Dee. Happy birthday in advance.

  6. The one where you were standing with the knee high white socks and your Momz (pretty gorgeous i must add) is off the hinges…

    Really cute indeed!

    Oh, is it 2nd or 3rd…


    Happy them then..

  7. No hugs or pressies on facebook. Me I’ll collect for you the real stuff. My address is . . .

  8. I swear I thought that was Dee in the first pix!!! We know where u get your looks now, don’t we?! 🙂

  9. Your mum is hot

  10. I already commented on FB…But u looked good then and u still do now!

    Meanwhile, I just happened on yo blogger blog and fell in love with the template. I even commented then discovered that u last posted like 4 months ago…

    Be serious!

  11. happy birthday! i don’t do facebook so this has to suffice.

    Lovely pictures.

  12. Awwww you were so cute!!! And you still look exactly the same now! All us cute babies who turned ugly…we’re jealous!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! may it be full of sunshine, kisses, hugs, and love. May they feed you, love you, and never leave you 😉

  14. Um- one of those pics looks like you were being laid out on some sacrifical table….doesn’t it?

  15. please update! it’s been too long

  16. Hehehhehe. Cute baby. You must have been very stubborn. Cute babies usually wreck havock

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