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Snooze: A work story


You all know I work in a call centre for a telecommunications company that will remain unnamed, right? You also probably know that we hear some of the funniest things.

Some guy called in and talked to someone else but this story was the funniest thing I had ever heard. I will write it out in Luganda and translate it after.

(phone rings)
Agent: Good morning, (agent) speaking, how can I help you?

Sub: Gyebale ko nyabo. Nafunye mu obuzibu zibu mu ssimu yange. Osobola kunyamba ko?

Agent: Buzibu ki Ssebo?

Sub: Waliwo ennamba enkubila bulikanaku ku sawa zezimu naye essimu bwenjikwata, omuntu tayogela. Ono’musajja asumbwa nyo. Anzukusa ku sawa kuminabili ate natayogela kintu kyona. Nina kyensobola okukola o’kyilekelawo?

Agent: Ssebo, eyo nambe ki?

Sub: Enamba sijilaba, naye elinya ndilaba.

Agent: Bwoba olaba elinya, kitageza nti enamba mweli mu ssimu yo.

Sub: Neda, enambe telimu, najinonyeza nga sijilaba

Agent: Kale, mbulila elinya

Sub: Bamuyita SNOOZE!


(phone rings)
Agent: Good morning, (agent) speaking, how may I help you?

Sub: Good morning. I am having a problem with my phone, can you help me?

Agent: What is the problem, sir?

Sub: There is a number that keeps calling me but when I pick the phone up no one speaks. It calls me everyday at the same time and it is getting very annoying. It calls at 6.00am and wakes me up and this person does not answer me, is there anyway I can stop this?

Agent: What is the number?

Sub: I don’t know the number but I know the name. It shows on my phone.

Agent: If you see the name, that must mean the number is in your phone.

Sub: The number is not in my phone, I checked and it is not there.

Agent: Ok, tell me the name you see.

Sub: That person is called SNOOZE!


16 thoughts on “Snooze: A work story

  1. First things first F I R S T I E…..
    Bambi i am guessing it’s the alarm that wakes him up… I have heard funny stories from call centers give us more

  2. For real?


  3. you lie!


  4. that is just priceless!

  5. First of all, Dee, see this story. Now.

    Then, you can go on and write more posts. :o)

  6. There lives someone like that? Really? You cannot be pulling my leg.

  7. Naawe, Dee.

    I’m the guy who called. :o( Didn’t your mother tell you not to make fun of …


  8. Dee, I had a major fit yesto when I found this page only open to invited readers…I opened with bated breath today. Thank God

    “…Obizibu zibu…”I’m using that line come what may.

    Major lollz here…this post has made my day!!!

    Poor guy.

  9. Snooze knows everyone. Also me he calls me.

  10. i like tha way the caller is quick to assume that the stalker is a man! ha!
    and as for you @be silent, why did u go and hav to spoilt it for the rest of us? what do you mean you are GUESSING it is the alarm that wakes him up?

  11. Lol @ Savage…Snooze calls me every weekday at 6am too…

  12. I hadn’t hahahad like this in a long time, this story has sent me ROFL.


    @27th: OMG! That dude killed The Little Prince author? I’m quite pissed off right now. Poor killer dude though, that’d be the worst guilt trip ever. Like accidentally shooting your own sister. My friend at work has a tatoo of The Little Prince on her back. Him standing on his comet. It’s really good.

  14. LOL.
    That guy cannot be for real!

  15. I told that girl Snooze that I am married and she shouldn’t be calling me at 6 am in the morning when I am in bed with my wife, but she doesn’t listen. Now Nalongo is threatening to leave. Help!!!!

  16. hehehehe Silly all of you!

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