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Two Words : Hot Steps


Have you seen that show? It is the most hilarious thing ever to come out of Uganda. For those of you not in the know, Hot Steps is a TV show much in the vein of Pop Idol and Star Search except they are looking for dancers. If that premise isn’t funny enough for you, imagine please, the way people suck at singing in the first episodes of such shows, imagine how much funnier dancing would be. It doesn’t disappoint, it is hilarious. People are either delusional or blind, nothing else explains their willingness to completely embarrass themselves on national TV.
The judges are Ronnie of Obsessions and Michael, formerly of Obsessions, now of Kombat. Michael seems to be trying really hard to be mean but the looks on Ronnie’s face. I suggest that at the end of each show, there be a montage of the looks on Ronnie’s face because they are priceless.
Back to the dancers. On Thursday’s show, there was a contestant called Pophia and there is no way I can tell it to make as funny as it was. She is rod-thin with absolutely no ass to speak of but she kept turning her back to the judges and tapping the top of her thighs (read ass) and the judges were cracking up because she had this come hither look on her face that frankly was very scary. This was in Entebbe.
The show in Jinja has this 4o-something old man decided to show case his lingala skills and what ensued looked like a middle aged chicken on speed.
I am out of time so my parting words are, try to catch this on NTV on Thursday sometime after 8.00pm.


6 thoughts on “Two Words : Hot Steps

  1. You know, I dont know whats with the Simon Cowell complex. everyone thinks there has to be a mean judge on a show to keep things interesting. Easy to forget that Simon is actually LIKEABLE.

    Now, America’s Got Talent was quite the show to watch, outrightly fun without having to entertain myself with cringe-inducing performances like that which u described. And i kinda like that. Laugh with performers as opposed to at them.

    PS: what’s NTV?

    PPS: Tumwi

  2. NTV you say? I wonder if its on in Kenya. Its Thurday night? Shoot!

  3. what’s TV? this box sitting in my room, the dark one that has a string you attach to power, is that a TV? it shows these hilarious things you say? must check it out.

  4. I was in a … let’s call her a friend. I was in a friend’s hostel, and I saw the ad. Some kids there in the ad were definitely gifted, spirited, passionate dancers. But TV hates me, and I hate it back.

  5. @DANTE
    Yeah, PPS Tumwi!!

  6. that 47 year old was hilarious!

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