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Weekday Blogging, Haarnk, Haarnk


I have noticed that very few of you blog on weekends. Go ahead, report yourselves, it’s because you be abusing your office internet, right? Honestly, who am I to speak? I only blog on Sunday because I work on Sunday.

So, I was at Nandos at around 11.30pm last night and I ran into an old teacher of mine. After saying hello and all, he says to me, “What are you doing out at this time? Where is your gate pass?” Talk about a Haarnk Haarnk moment.

I thought I would put up a picture of me with the weight I have gained. This was taken at the end of our Customer Appreciation Week. We had to go to work dressed in traditional attire and I picked a Sari. I like it, so what do you think. Does it make me look fat?
As is evident, I have nothing to say. Nothing at all. I’ll take my leave now.
Bye my friends.

13 thoughts on “Weekday Blogging, Haarnk, Haarnk

  1. Bambi u haven’t gained at all. U’re kawa.


  2. You look dangerously-cute.

    You hid the ka-stomach, eeeiiii. Congratulations, all the same.

  3. U LOOK THE SAME, u havent gained,u look nice, ple r just wierd at times

  4. I have no clue about how you looked before but i like what i see…

  5. Ok, we who know you know that you have gained weight. That said, it’s not a bad thing. Until you keep calling attention to it over and over again. We’ll start to notice that maybe something is amiss. And not see you wholefully but notice you ever-expanding derrier and well, start to congratulate you. Get it? You didn’t blow up like a balloon.

  6. @Dante (no, I think that’s Carlo): I know I gained weight and I think it looks good on me, just wanted all y’all to see how finer I look with it on rather than off.

  7. Dee, you are a goddess. Let no one tell you otherwise. What you have is beauty. You are a divine curvateous African woman and since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, let me say it, “wow!”

    Kakati, you … yes, you, stop sniggering. Simple pure non-sexual girl love going on here. Yes, go green.

  8. Naye Dee…u know there is that GLOW on yo face?!

    And the eyes are too bright. And the hair is long and thick. And u’re getting lighter around the face and upper chest.

    These are all signs. Simanyi!

  9. It absolutely makes you look fat! What are you, morbidly obese and 9 months pregnant with triplets?

    NO! It doesn’t make you look fat, you look hot! HOT! Nice sari too. A hot hottie hottie!

  10. Ha, I love company when it comes to weight. If we all have abit of flesh, there won’t be anyone to compare us with so basically we won’t look fat. In fact I recommend that you dump all your skinny friends.Hows that hmmm?

    @carlo;didn’t you say you were skinny at magoos?

  11. wamma darlyne, u know what i think? I think u and Tumwi should totally…

  12. Right on Dante! Right On!

  13. Kissyfur, you took the words right out of me mouth!!!

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