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Shutter Happy


Don’t ask me why there is a blow dryer in the living room.

Mbu, I was sleeping, safely tucked under my mosquio net.

This is the book I am reading now, Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry. This page is of no particular importance, just happened to be the one I was on when I decided to take the pic.

I like this picture, the sidewalk just looked so pretty with the shadow of the tree and everything.

I liked it so much, I took it twice.

7 thoughts on “Shutter Happy

  1. I’m sorry, you took two pictures of the same place and it looked different in both… You’ve got mad skillz!

  2. Ivan Mr. Sarcastic!!!!


  3. Ivan … :o)

    @Dee: Cute. As in, totally. Photogenic. The side walk is, but not as much as the girl. :o)

  4. Talk about mad skilz, you took a picture of you sleeping. oba u had an accomplice.

  5. Dee just wanted to show off that she’s pretty. And also that she has nice pictures. I’ll revenge! You do realise someone tagged you don’t you? Just checking.

  6. How can you be safely tucked in nga there’s someone in there taking pictures of you?

    That ain’t safe!

  7. Woah! What a trip out! I totally forget you guys need mozzie nets there. Or as my friend likes to call them, Squito nets.

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