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BHH Recap


And so it was, BHH I mean and it rocked. I was the first one there as I usually am only because I work so close to Mateos and finish work at 4 so I am basically idle till 6. I wasn’t there long and who comes along but the blushing bride-to-be Be Silent herself. We talked about Tandra‘s latest post which reads like a Hollywood rom-com with none of the rom or com just the tears. We weren’t there long when Carlo came with Pesh who despite not having a blog reads them religiously. Ivan was next, fresh from his gig on the radio (Vision Voice 94.8 they had better pay me for this) discussing which one in the couple should declare their wealth to the other, the man or the woman. Does this mean they are not allowed to talk about same sex couples?

Rachel was next and she was shortly followed by Mr. Back to Basics himself, Edmund with Tandra. Kissyfur came soon after and we had a newbie, Lucy decided to deign us with her presence. We introduced Pesh to her as Keitetsi and it was not pretty. Did I forget to mention Peter had been there for ages by this time? Flora came last but not too late and she invited someone along. Brian knows his series so he was fun. The whole night in general was a good one. We didn’t get into the whole ‘I am not my tribe’ debate as we thought we would but we did get to see Ivan show off his Zune and Peter show off his Iphone. (But also boys!) The nomination sheets were handed out and the list will be out later on today. The night was soon over and we were all out of there by 9.30pm.

P.S There was no Guinness!

7 thoughts on “BHH Recap

  1. I found Rachel there! I swear. I found her there! Nawe, you want to bring me problems!

  2. S’true. He found me there and he wanted me. 😉

  3. @ Ivan, they have reported on u, they have reported on u…otyo, otyo..otyo, otyoooooooooo

    Eh mama, some having an Iphone and a Microsoft Zune..U GUY-EYE!!

  4. Pesh as Keitetsi!!

    that was killah!!

    Aivan, come clean!!

    Maybe Tumwi has her “eyes” on er…

  5. and the comrade fell into what black hole? or he was finally picked up by his comrades?

  6. Sigh. I wish I could have been there!

  7. how do u get urself invited to one of these things??

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