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Night Rider


It is 2.00am and I am in my living room having just been dropped home from work. It is always so beautiful driving (or being driven) around Kampala at night and I thought I would share what that is like for me with you guys. Bear with me for I am an amateur, here I present Night Rider: A home made movie by me.If some images a are blurry and there is a bit of bumping, please, chalk it up to the moving car. I hope you enjoy.

If it is a bit bumpy or blurry in some places, please chalk it up to the moving car and not to my inexperience.

Later loverlies.


5 thoughts on “Night Rider

  1. My foot is so sore from kicking too much firsties ass.

    Great job there, you can totally get a cinematography gig.

    I could swear I saw a malaya by the roadside.

  2. Me I’m complaining cuz I couldn’t see it bulungi. Oba my laptop has issues? Oh my! I’m talking like you on your comment! You’ve really spoilt me.

  3. Eeh too dark but you tried.. and i love the background song

  4. i too love kampala at night. i’ve tried to photograph it, but i never seem to get it right. without the flash u can’t see anythin, and with it u can’t see anythin right. u did it tho, i think the light from the headlights was wat did it. some making me home sick!

  5. Hi from (a freezing cold) Dublin, Ireland.

    With your gorgeous green eyes and fondness for Guinness, there must be a bit of Irish in you 🙂

    The night-time video was nice, any chance of a day-time video as a contrast ?



    PS. Do you know do they brew Guinness in Africa ? I seem to remember someone telling me they did.

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