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And another one.


I can’t believe we are in another year. I remember the New Year’s Eve of 2007 so vividly as if it were yesterday. Actually, a little better than yesterday considering it was way more fun. This is what I did for New Year’s Eve yesterday. I watched Rent with my sisters. What did you do?



4 thoughts on “And another one.

  1. u watched Rent? did u like it???
    New years Eve..dont even remember..

    Happy New year

  2. rent is a great flick and this is coming from a person who hates musicals! do have a fabulous year ahead! :o) where have you been dear?

  3. Happy New year gal, Think i should go wat that.
    Lets see…do i remember new years eve?? naaaa am with Tandra

  4. I am a total Rent head, I have watched it like 6 times, that last one being my 7th. I have the entire soundtrack and I’m always listening to it. Awesome movie. Watch.

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