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Christmas at Work.


Yes, I am at work. Can you believe it? I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to come here and now I am sleepy as all fuck. I don’t usually do mornings but I should be having dinner with the part of my family that is still stuck in Kampala with me.

It is strange how this feels like any other ordinary day, the people’s complaints are the same, everyone here looks pretty much the same and nothing is happening. Oh, to be a kid again.

Will post later after the day is done and let you know how it has gone.


4 thoughts on “Christmas at Work.

  1. all the christmas firsties are mine today. if u say, “nay”, raise your hand.

    merry work er christmas, darlyne!

  2. merry christmas…sorry abt the work thingy

  3. just try not to be there the night of new years eve, ok?

  4. CB????that’s because we were eating masala ga sekukulu and u were online.

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