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Pot Belly


I have put on a little weight, now I am not saying I am fat or anything but when I put my hand up to flag down a taxi, there is jiggling going on under my arm. I, however, am not complaining. After all,

“…even though I got
fat thighs, flabby arms
a pot belly, still give
good loving…”

I don’t know if it is because of this weight gain (almost all of the weight is on my ass, arms and former abs, I really do have a kind of a potbelly) or because of all the pregnant people I have been meeting lately (almost all my friends are pregnant or already have babies) that I had a very vivid dream last night in which I was pregnant. Very pregnant. I actually felt my stomach was stretched to the limit and the strange thing is (strange thing? What am I saying? All my dreams are strange) a moment before I was pregnant, I was not. I was walking around the mall, minding my own business when suddenly I look at myself and I am in this very nice dress with a humongous tummy. I was so stocked with how I looked I was walking up to strangers and getting them to feel the baby kick. So weird.

*The lyrics are from a Freshly Ground song I am really loving right now.


8 thoughts on “Pot Belly

  1. im soooo looooooooooooving that song right now.

  2. that dream might be a reality! better check. Nevertheless, its a good reading and mind you, men have a paradigm shift about women’s weight…just like the obsession with small phones being replaced by the big ones, and the trend continues…so at the moment, with more weight, you take the show…but there’s a limit of course. Hahaha

  3. Eeeeeh this post is so politically incorrect. On behalf of all women with real potbellies (did I tell you my bro was asked when I was giving birth?) I demand some sort of apology. Fume, fume.

  4. b afraid both of u. and pliz da don’t grow fat. i love e da i saw on day1. those born fat like tumwi (laughs) r excused but imagine marryin a gal & she fattens so on u like da here tells???

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  6. i prefer fat women to small ones,not aprejudice,its just apreference.
    i just love the flesh on awoman,makes me want to…u know!

  7. will you guys just listen to tumwi please and be politically correct! especially cb. you were outright rude. now apologise to her very quickly and then have pity on us skinny ones trying to gain a few pounds and look ‘healthy’ enough.

  8. Wow…kale I love this template….

    Welcome to the Hamptons aka Kololo.

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