Dee In A Nutshell

Feed Me, Love Me, Never Leave Me.




Carlo and I were the first there, as usual. (It is as if we have no lives!)

Ivan was not far off (which I found strange seeing as he had an exam that only started 2 hours before he showed up.)

We moved tables because, even as pretty as Carlo and I both are (and we are) the idiot waiter had not served us for 45 minutes. We finally got drinks (which I am chalking up to Ivan’s arrival, the waiter obviously thought him cuter than us. Must be those dainty little fingers.)

Rev then walked in brandishing the book I lent him like a weapon.

We seriously considered getting him thrown out seeing as he doesn’t exactly blog anymore. (What am I saying, exactly? He doesn’t blog at all.)

Ed was next looking a bit dressed down compared to his last appearance and this was quickly explained. He is on leave. (Oh, to be on leave.)

Glenna and David were next and it was becoming quite the crowd. Glenna still had some work to do to beat a deadline and so she left David at the mercy of Rev who briefly accused him of being a spy for the CIA at which point we agreed that the only information David would give the CIA is the growth status of Rev’s dreadlocks. (Quick Aside: These guys are together and have known each other since they were 10 years old, how cool is that?)

Rachel was next with Hellen in tow. It was good to see Hellen although I did accuse her of not RSVPing my Facebook invite and it’s always nice to see Rachel, well…, because she is Rachel and I still have a huge cyber-crush on her. And she brought books, bless her.

My lover finally made an appearance. Albeit a short one, it was a nice one. He got time to float the idea of a literary magazine and open his birthday present.

Flora was next and she looked nice. We got to talking about lingerie and where one can purchase said lingerie. (Where can one purchase quality lingerie?)

Peter showed up last and took out his laptop and proceeded to be anti-social by actually watching Family Guy.

All in all, I think it went pretty well. December is up to another one of you. I sent out invites, put up a kalango and did The Kampalan. I pass the baton on.


5 thoughts on “BHH

  1. y’al had fun. YAY!

    ooo in your face!!

  2. looks like it was all good. i mean the comrade made a presence and taught the cia guys how to do their job?
    and there was tumwijuke and baz plus the idea of starting a literary magazine?
    and there was duksey & her serita jakes smile?
    sure bhh is taking root and that’s fantastic, if u ask me.

  3. What? Comrade was there? Sam has been looking for his email address for ages.

    Glad you had a good time.

    PS: Where can one buy quality lingerie?

  4. my invite dee…

  5. I found a great lingerie store! She can do home visits and she does sex toy parties as well. Great idea for the next BHH, no?


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