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Yet Another Job.


Yes, I know I have been gone a while and this is why.

While my last job availed me constant access to the internet, this one doesn’t. Oh, did I mention I have a new job. I started training last week and will officially begin working on Monday after I have done a test on Saturday. The position is that of a call centre agent at UTL. Please don’t prank call me, on second thought do. It will be nice to hear a friendly voice on the other side of the line.

Anyway, thought I should check in and say whats up.

Heads up, my next post is going to be about a Book so I will kinda be calling it in. I am sure I willl have alot of interesting things to talk about now.

See y’all soon.


12 thoughts on “Yet Another Job.

  1. hello! all the best in your new job…too bad it keeps you away from the internet though…

  2. Congratulations on the new job …?

    Excuse my ignorance, but what is a call center agent?

  3. @Tum: The chics we call up when the service isn’t acting right, and then fall for them from listening to them.

    @Dee: You’ll have stories about some guys who call in and then fall in love. :o)

  4. Congs and by the way you look great

  5. Enjoy the job -and I hear there are those who call just for the company

  6. Promise you won’t laugh out loud when someone calls to ask something really dumb like “I think my phone is trying to tell me something. I hear voices.”

    Okay, that will probably be 27 prank-calling.

  7. Dee, you know I am pleased for you … Now, write about that book already. Hey … Do you have any of my books – apart from the green evil one?

  8. congs on the job! i havnt bn on 4a while but at least betta l8 than neva..

  9. Odd shifts, sucking up,welcome to call centre.

  10. can you do prank calls instead- I know I would

    “greetings earthling…take us to your master!”

  11. Baz, my phone is tryna tell me something too…I hear voices in there!

    Dee, good for u. Lucky u.

    27, u’re the one that calls “just” for the company.???

  12. you know, i’m tired of always coming here and you haven’t updated yet! don’t you have the net at utl? love ya.

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