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Hallelujah, She is not dead.


I truly believed I was though. I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with a suitable reason to explain my absence and a topic to blog about now that I am back and sorry I can’t figure anything out. I haven’t blogged simply because I haven’t had anything to say and I’m blogging now because I have nothing to do so early in the morning.

I’m temping at an office that has internet so I will be blogging regularly even with nothing to say, you guys are in trouble, you’re going to have to read all my crap now and you’ll be sorry you wondered where I had gone.

I actually have a really nice picture of Carlo, Kaza and I that I should put up, maybe make this a little more interesting.

Ok, bye.


9 thoughts on “Hallelujah, She is not dead.

  1. nice picture

  2. Even me I have nothing to comment, but I will comment.

    Hey, Glamorettes! Sweeet.

  3. where’s the nice picture?

    And seeing as you have come back after such a long time, this is like breaking your blog’s secondary virginity,eh?


  4. She be back! Play the Mase song.

    Now, all I need is to pretend I am a cute chic, work my way into that circle, and then … ;o)

  5. it’s always good to read from you, you know, and gaze at your beautiful face, darlyne

  6. full size pic. pliz….

  7. but you girls and you nice hairs! i hate you!

    p.s. i am reminded of that time in that mbale club wen u’d jst retouched so ur hair was all shaking and moving and mine had growth like a problem…

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