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Stranger Than Fiction


I received a beep from a number just like mine except for the last digit. This guy beeped me and beeped me and woke me up so I decide to call him and he apparently had the wrong number. He asked for a Jada and I wasn’t then he asks who I am. Do you know how annoying that is? I told him I am obviously not who he was looking for and hung up. The next day he sent me this message, this is it ad verbatim.

“Hai halo, may u alwo me expres ma feelings 2u dat immediately i had ur tone,
I felt like we becm one hw do u see. I rly have luv 4u. reply.”
How hilarious is that? I was home alone and had no one to share it with but I could not stop laughing. Whoever you are, you totally made my afternoon. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

12 thoughts on “Stranger Than Fiction

  1. So my text actually made you laugh?

    Boy I am onto something.

    Hw do u see.

  2. Maybe I can’t blame the guy – you can sound luscious and seductive, sometimes.

    Anti, you’ve heard these stories of a guy who hears a chic sing, then he resolves to get her … [skip 12 pages] … happily ever after.
    You could be passing up the Prince, here. :o)

  3. You must have some phone voice Darlyne, till a guy breaks out his best english to text you, aiii!! Call me!

  4. @Savage: I should have known, I was kinda hoping it was you.

  5. when cocks and pussycats crow and mew respectively, no one can stop them!

  6. You are lucky the guy even asked for a Jada.Some loser has been calling one of ma girls and simply breathing even when she calls back. Lots of weirdos.
    Hope it wasnt 27th or savage…

  7. LOL!!! but this is classic. mbu “he do u see.” LOL!!!

  8. I want to expose a fraud! SAGE did not send that text. I did. And I was hoping that you would respond. But you know how chicks be when they are laughing.

  9. hmm..reminds me of the chap named farooq :))

  10. hmm..reminds me of the chap named farooq :))

  11. hmm..reminds me of the chap named farooq :))

  12. hahhaahhhahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahhahaahha.i felt like we becm one! hahahahahahahahahah….am not done yet hahahahahahahahah sinamala hahahhahaaha

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