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Those books.


A while back I told y’all how I bought a bunch of books, I have read a couple of them and I think it is time I talked about them.

Memoirs Of A Geisha – Arthur Golden

When I told a friend of mine who devours books like I do that this book was written by an American who lived in Japan and put in print this Geisha’s memoirs, he asked me what frame of mind that man was in to be so entranced by another culture that he moves there and studies their history and learns their language. Well, whatever he was on, he manages to enchant you with this world in the book. It does what so few books do to me these days which is completely transport me into the world of the book that to tear my eyes away from the page yanks me so violently from it that I am jarred for a second till I realise I am actually in a taxi way past my stop. I loved it. The language was like a clear stream flowing gently over rocks on a path it has not strayed from for ages. (That sounds alot like a line from the book) Suffice it so say, I strongly recommend this.

Stories We Could Tell – Tony Parsons

Tony Parsons happens to be one of my favourite authors and when I saw this book in Fareed’s I could hardly walk out without it, I didn’t. I have tried to read everything he has ever written. This book, for me, was very reminiscent of High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. The music was the focal point for the book and even though I don’t think it is nearly as good as Man and Boy or even One For My Baby, I liked it. Like Ernest would say, “Infact, parts of it were excellent.” If you are into the music of the ’60s and ’70s this book is like an amalgam of all the best songs of that time and it captures just what that music was about, the place everyone was in then and the way they felt. It also reaffirms what I like to believe, which is, that the music of an age aptly describes the genaration that made it and listened to it. I would give it 3 stars out of 5. There were some really good lines as well. He is still an awesome writer.

Their Eyes Were Watching God – Zora Neale Hurston

It is so hard to believe this book was written in 1937. It makes so much sense and I am quickly falling in love with it. I’m not done with it yet but what I have read so far is so not disappointing. This woman rocks (I guess I mean, both the author and Janie the main character). It is funny too.


I am going to read If Nobody Speaks Of Remarkable Things by Jon Mcgregor which is apparently an amazing book. Everyone I’ve told about it assures me it’s awesome. Then I’m going to read White Teeth by Zadie Smith which Ishta says is the story of her life. Then I’m finally going to read 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, don’t tell me again how awesome it is. In a while, I am going to put up my list of the books I want to read and y’all should help me get them, you and Fareed both.

I am done, I guess. Out. xoxo


7 thoughts on “Those books.

  1. i love u da. how can i get my hands to these books?

  2. Mwa!

    That was a kiss.

    Dee, I’ll do anything if you just give me that Gabriel Garcia Màrquez book to read. Anything. Any perversion, I’ll be a’ight. Oops. Sorry.

    Okay, I just called you and you didn’t pick up. Maybe you’re in Church and on silent. Or something. I’ll be done with the book in a maximum of three days. Please? Please, please, please?

  3. 100 Years of Solitude -that’s a book i must read! am next after comrade! surely darlyne, u can’t deny a country boyi!

    p.s i read your reviews in sunday vision. way 2 go komukama!

  4. Let me just save you the agony. 100 Years will disappoint you. Go for McGregor instead. He’ll blow your mind away.

  5. Watched the Geisha movie…interesting stuff…if i come across the book i shall definitely pick it up….

  6. iwe, save the reviews for when u need to get paid

  7. That Book is really well written…. and yours truly did a good job and became well read on it as well..

    Oh i mean the Geisher’s Memoirs with Mr Golden…

    Still think i can get a copy somewhere. Yet to catch it on the silver screen though for comparison.

    But then again, wasn’t Lord of The Rings brought top life really well by Mr. Peter Jackson, frodo, and the gang!!!

    that 100 years book was/is off the hinges…. Ooops, i meant to say it is a really good book…

    nope, i don’t have a copy, nope i don’t know who has one, nope i just don’t know anything…

    Have you read 11-minutes by Paulo Coelho… In touch with a feminine side sorta book… when i read it, i thought it was real life!!

    Nice post(s) Dee aka Darlkom..

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