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I Have Arrived!


For those of you who read the Sunday Vision thoroughly you will have noticed that my name was in the ‘It’s Kawa’ on Sunday. Yes, as a writer. Granted, all I did was the reviews but still I was so happy to see my name in print. I will take this moment to clarify that the review for Ocean’s 13 was actually written by Ivan Musoke and it was mistakenly attributed to me. I did the one for Pursuit of Happyness and I did the pick of the week, which was Dirty Jobs. I am so proud of myself and I know it seems like I am making a big deal out of only appearing once but it is so cool. I have actually already written my reviews for this Sunday. I am, must be, the hardest working employee you have Ernest.

In other news, the Ntinda Shopping Center is fast becoming my new home. I am always there, be it buying books at Fareed’s, having ice cream at Chilling Pleasures, having a drink at Michelle’s Pub, borrowing movies at Lids Video Lib or just hanging out at Kamikazi. It helps that it is only a 2-minute walk from my home and I know this is quickly starting to sound like a paid ad (I wish) but it is so much fun. If it had a cinema, there would be no reason for me to ever leave Ntinda except maybe for the awesome Club Sandwich at Café Pap.

I think this post is making it obvious that I really have nothing to say so bye bye my sweets. Till later.


6 thoughts on “I Have Arrived!

  1. Now, next you go browsing at Fareed’s, you may want to make sure there is one Mario Vargas Llosa novel … no these things of not having enough books there the next time we happen there, sawa?

  2. me i saw the IT’S KAWA reviews…then i wanted to tell people that i know you but then i realised that…well,not what if they ask for your number, you know?…so i just sat and smiled to myself…way to go!!

  3. You are actually more like a consultant, with the company being a client, actually.

    meanwhile, some advertising all those shops.

  4. that club sandwich, there’s boiled eggs in it. how to make ish your enemy 101, give her boiled eggs!

    and one (runyankore) word comes to mind; ekirare. do you concur?

  5. do you then know of Compu International LTD in the shopping center?

  6. he he.Sounds cool though !

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