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Moving on up… more like out.


I have been meaning to put this post up for like 2 weeks but like I keep saying, I loathe internet cafes. Think I can get one of you guys to blog for me, we can work out the terms.

We moved!!! I know for some of you that is barely news worthy but the house we moved from is legendary. We had lived there 21 years, 21 years people. That is almost all my life and all my siblings lives. I like the new place though and the whole moving experience was so much fun coz it was all so new to me and also because I went to Mbale I missed all heavy lifting. I just came home to a new place, it was awesome. We have so much more space for everything and we are in Ntinda which is awesome, everything is just a short walk away.

In unrelated news, I bought 7 new books. I love reading, incase you didn’t know, and there is this place on the Ntinda Shopping Centre that sells all their books at shs5,000. Believe it. It’s called Fareed’s. One of my favourite authors is Tony Parsons and I loved the 3 books of his I read, Man and Boy, Man and Wife and One for My Baby. At one point, I owned all these books but somehow they were ‘misplaced’ by the people I lent them to. I walked into the shop one afternoon and she had all three, of course, I bought all three. This is only the first shelf I have been looking through, mind you. I go on and see Memoirs of a Geisha which I have always wanted to read, Their Eyes Were Watching God, which I have also wanted to read and If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things which I vaguely remember hearing about and vowing to read. I spent all my money in that shop because I knew I could walk home. The next day, I go in there with Ernest and we see another Tony Parsons I had never even heard of and I had to get that one too. I am so in love with the chic who runs that store, she has no idea.
When is the BHH? Is it on the 21st of June like The Danes want it to be? Below is an email from them that should help us make that decision.

“Hi guys.Have you planned the next BHH yet? We were wondering if we could influence theplanning a bit.. One of Sara’s friends from MS is coming to Uganda a long withfour Danish reporters who are interested in the ‘blogging’ story. This would ofcourse give the documentary publicity but it would also bring the story ofblogging in Uganda out to more people in Denmark.Would you consider doing the BHH on Thursday the 21. of June?”

That’s it for me. Bye.


11 thoughts on “Moving on up… more like out.

  1. Firsties! Minnesota where ya at?

    Meanwhile, to complete the advert Dee just made: Fareed’s Book store. Your One Stop shop for … all that good shit.

  2. heh. you are so in love with said chic…HOT!!

  3. I really have to go to that bookshop before they begin hiking the prices. Do you people know that at one time all the classic literature penguin novels in Aristoc Booklex were once five thousand shillings before they hiked the prices because moi among many people cottoned onto the treasure that was there? i purchased war and peace for 5k! back then. a miracle.

    anyhow, must visit this place. thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Yeah, I’m for rushing over to Ntinda and see if they have these three people (they are the kind you find in such places, not Aristoc, which tends to stock the fad shit): Mario Vargas LLosa, Gabriel Garcia Marquèz, Salman Rushdie. :o)

    Kale I suck. Of course a bit Robert Heinlein when I don’t have to pay for it … I’m yet to recover from `Green Hills of Earth’. Adam Thorpe, Robert McLiam Wilson … heh. Now I’m fantasising.

  5. I know I shouldn’t have gone to walk my neighbors dog. That’s why I wasn’t the first here.
    Baz, Iwaya watch out. Being first is my thing.

    Dee, you are in love with the chic who runs the book store? Yeah me too.

  6. I loved Memoirs of a Geisha…lovely story…really well told…

  7. Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

  8. as me i c as if ntinda is much farther than yo old place? plus mo jam!!
    hav 2 chek out tht bookstore 4 the novels (and 4e chic yo in luv wit)

  9. who hath bin lost n da promise ctill stands tho it tarries. tek care.

  10. “Their eyes were watching God” is one of my all time favourite books! Enjoy it!
    And if you can find “100 years of solitude” and “Love in the time of cholera” by Marquez you won’t be sorry.

  11. and no one has answered the question on BHH.did i miss it again?…
    Dee thanx for the recommendation.

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