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So I am posting this from Mbale, yeah! I came here for the weekend to see my two friends who work here and I came with another friend of mine. It has been awesome so far. I came on Friday and we are planning to leave on Sunday. The trip here was so eventful. We took a taxi from the park and almost everything that could go wrong, did. First of all, the taxi won’t start, that should have warned us that all was not going to go well. When it eventually starts, everything is fine up till we hit a crazy jam because of a, I can only call it, pitch size hole on one side of the road. To avoid the jam, our driver decides to drive on the side of the road but there is a bit of an incline and this prompts most of the passengers to disembark the taxi, either to lighten the load or due to sheer fear. We stay in. He goes by fine but still doesn’t clear the jam so he decides to go through some poor woman’s compound. The land was water logged so the tyres got stuck and while trying to get out of the mud his engine switches off, remember it can’t start. Luckily enough there were strong guys in the taxi who pushed it and one guy who must have been a jump-start genius coz as soon as he got behind the wheel the car started. After that, we still haven’t cleared the jam so one of the locals tells us about an alternative route. This route was like a scene out of the movie Wrong Turn. Zam and I were terrified but we got through it okay and finally got out on a clear part of the road. We then get to a point on the road that has the most unbelievable dust. The dust was so much that you couldn’t even see where you were going but that didn’t stop our driver from driving like a bat out of hell. The journey seemed to take forever but we got here eventually and being the happening people we are hit the trade fair (it was happening) and the club right after dinner, ofcourse. This morning we went to Sipi falls which are beautiful (I will post some pictures soon). Now we are hanging out, going to the club again and then going back home tomorrow.
WE WON!!!! I missed riding the train to the stadium but I got to watch the match over here and wasn’t it exciting? I was so glad we won and everyone is such a celebratory mood. Congratulations.
Kati, I gotta go. Toodles. Will keep y’all posted on the trip when I come back.


8 thoughts on “Mbale!!

  1. Firsties suckers!!!

    kale mwan gwe oli adventurous.

  2. Eh! You know, from what I hear, Mbale has a akind of different spirit. It is a place with its own spirit – you can’t avoid going totally wild in Mbale.

    Unless you are a boring recluse like me. :o(

  3. soo bloody addictive..went all the way bak 2 yo 2005 archives!! Goodness, i was in another world…i had 2 start perusin at a certain poin orels it wdv taken me a whole day to finish!!

    All i can say is WOW…
    u have officialy won yoself a 1 tru loyal blogfan!!
    Cant wait 4the next post!

  4. Ha Mbale is surely a nice place good you had a blast despite the taxi

  5. i bet you cannot walk across Kampala road without some sort of adventure befalling you!

  6. Did you visit Oasis? Am waiting for the story and pictures. Keep it moving girl

  7. Mbale is my hometown and although I don’t know it well, I have loved it the few times I have been there. I went to Oasis last December and I was impressed. As for my village, I just love the fresh air from Mt. Elgon, the road, the cleanliness (no buveeras, for example), the juicy Gishu chicken and meat that taste great even if you just boil without frying with the sophisticated spices and curries that we use in Kampala. I plan to retire there soon.

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