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Of really cool hotels and the pirates who wish they lived in them.


My blog post title has very little to do with this post actually, just thought I should warn you.
I had a very exciting weekend and I will begin to fill you in on it, forthwith. On Thursday (because for those of us who have no jobs, that is when our weekends start), I went bowling and totally SUCKED!!! at it. Like there is no excuse for how bad I was. I must say though, I wasn’t as bad as some people. I then went for rock night and remembered how much I had abandoned my Rock Night Chronicles. Went home early and on Friday went and had pork and then went to Fat Boys (I know, you can always find me there) and I had the time of my life. I drunk so much and somehow survived getting drunk till Saturday morning. I woke up Saturday morning, totally sozzled. How the hell does that happen? Anyway, I fall asleep in the afternoon and wake up at 6 with a massive hangover yet I had to go out again. So I shower and get dressed. I had been looking forward to debuting this pair of awesome boots I just got and how better to do this than to wear them with the shortes skirt imaginable. I don’t usually wear short skirts and I felt this skirt was really short but the guys I ran into did not agree with this. Anyway, I went to Efendy’s, the Turkish restaurant, then to Bubbles then to Fat Boys again. I went to bed at 6 knowing full well I had to be up by 9 on Sunday morning. I didn’t drink though, the massive hangover wouldn’t let me. Anyway, I set my alarm but before that I set my clock. So on sunday, my alarm goes off and I turn it off and I wake up a 9.30. This is bad, because I was supposed to meet someone at the Cinema at 9.30 so we could catch an early showing of Pirates 3, which I had been dying to watch and had to watch this early show because this someone was going out of town at 3pm. So I give the situation the adequate amount of panic and do everything double time. Good thing I had had the forethought to oick out my outfit before I slept (sobriety rocks). After getting into a panic, I pass by the kitchen for a glass of water and when I look at the clock in the kitchen, the time is 8.30. Turn out I had set my clock wrong. Anyway, we then had time to have breakfast, watch the movie and have lunch before he had to go back. I get home, thinking I am going to get some sleep, and I find we have to go see my sister, it’s her V.D (visitation day not venereal disease).
Pirates 3 was awesome, don’t let my love of Spiderman 3 lead you to believe I have clouded judgement. Pirates was a really good movie, highly recommended. WATCH IT!!!
Now I am at the Serena Hotel doing a kyeyo and having awesome lunch. I just had wonderful soup, salad, a main course consisting of lasagna (who serves lasagna?) and some really awesome desert, all of which I managed to wolf down in about 2 minutes because I had to be back at my post.
I also had 2 job interviews yesterday that I think went pretty well, so keep your fingers crossed.
… and I’m out.


7 thoughts on “Of really cool hotels and the pirates who wish they lived in them.

  1. I was forced into watching the first pirates movie and I am sorry to say I didn’t like it and I guess the same goes for the sequels. My problem is I have never liked movies that are not from contemporary times and to be specific movies without cars.That’s just me.

  2. Hmm. You’re having a fat blast being about … and working at the bloody Serena!!! Smell the envy.

    Me no be no movie freak, though. Watched neither of them, so 3 would be very incoherent. But I do love them when I get ’round to seeing them. I should. Really.

  3. I hope to catch the two (3) movies tomorrow then i can grow an opinion. Does sound like you had a packed weekend! And might we have a sneak peek at the referenced skirt? 🙂

  4. @Mr.Magoo;the trick with Pirates is the diction,the lines are just so hot.
    I love pirates one and i am still getting over Pirates 3.I wish i had the script just for those words,the director can keep the action.

  5. ..a certain somebody…hmmm…do i scent the beginnings of something to make the heart beat faster?

  6. I watched the first Pirates and thought it was stella. The second one I was soo bored I actually fell asleep despite the fact that I was prodded about 16 times during the course of the movie, and kept awake. And I’m sure the third is good but I’m gonna pass on it, coz I still have nightmares of the second! The only bareable part of the movie was Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow whom is a funny funny funny funny funny character – with the greatest of lines!

    Spiderman 3 was good though – it was a bit blah blah blah (esp Sandman) but not unbearable! I almost cried towards the end – I’m such a wuss!

    Good luck for the interviews hun.

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