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All Cultured Up!


Yesterday Carlo and I went to the National Theatre to catch the tail end of the Amakula Film Festival and hopefully in the process get a bit of culture. We watched a silent movie called, I think, Search for the Blue Bird or something but the awesome thing was the score of the movie was being played live in the theatre by a musician called Tshila and a band. It was the coolest thing but Carlo and I agreed that cinema had come a long way since then. This movie was made in 1918, that is a long time ago. The theme for this year’s festival is Travel & Transit. They have some pretty good movies which you might have heard of like Borat, Broken Flowers, Dave Chappelle’s Bloc Party (which I kicked myself for missing) and Grapes of Wrath. They are also showing many african movies which revolve around the same thing. We left in the middle of a South African Movie, Bunny Chow (which is not some perverted sex act but in fact a loaf of unsliced bread cut in half and stuffed, in this case, with mutton) which started out well enough but we had to leave because of the time.

Update: I am going to walk for hunger on Sunday but I am told the president is going to be there, is he? Because that kind of security will put me off the whole walk thing. You might be asking yourself why I want to walk? I have been hanging out with someone who does alot of volunteering and he is younger than me, and I think back on my life and ask myself what I have done for people other than myself and I have to say it isn’t much. This walk is supposed my start, then I can start volunteering. I really believe it would improve the quality of my life to help someone out, you know.

See you all Sunday at 6 at the National Theatre for the closing ceremony of the festival. It’s gonna be legendary!!!


3 thoughts on “All Cultured Up!

  1. save me a seat on Sunday.

  2. Hey Darl please come and walk with us the security will not be that bad at least you are allowed to come with your mobile phones.. Aah am so bad at these things Bloggers should have been the first pple to be invited my bad and everyone else who works with me and forgot this.

  3. Very spicy, I like the way you write. Hope to see you around.

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