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Told you I was back


Today is my first day on the job and I have utilised it adequately. I have caught up on all the blogs and, my God, have I been gone a long time. I am going to update regularly and I am not moving to wordpress. I keep telling Ernest that he is not a blogger anymore but a wordpress guy, I am true and loyal till the end.
As is fairly obvious, I have nothing to say. I will be back though.


5 thoughts on “Told you I was back

  1. Eh, Yo … Welcome back to life, yo. I be readin’ and feelin’ and I be likin.’ Most of all, I be hatin’ on wordpress, yo. I wanna be a blogger not a presser, yo! But again, I be likin’ you bein’ back and all …

  2. Um … me three! I am stickin’ on blogger.

    And, w00t! Hi 10 on the new job! :o*

  3. Dennis, what was going on up there?

    Darlkom:welcome back.i’ve also chosen to stay with blogger.

  4. Who has Dennis Matanda been hangin out with yo?????

    Dee, we need some more info on the job front and all……

    Oh and now, we get to read from u on a daily(well almost).

  5. mbu wordpresser.. high 10… i like blogger cuz i fit in with all the geeks…

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