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I apologise for being AWOL


I am really sorry about that, I just have not had either the time to blog or the access to an internet cafe. I know that excuse is getting old but you won’t be hearing it again since I am going to be online more often.
So much has happened since I was last here that I don’t even know where to begin.
I will start with the last BHH. I dragged a couple of my friends along and another one showed up in the middle of it. The Danes were still around, so that was pretty cool. We all planned to meet up on Saturday to go white-water rafting and bungee jumping. My friend, Kaza and I signed up for only the bungee jump while the Danes, Carlo and Peter opted to raft. Carlo, Peter and his cousin Isaac were hard because they did both. They came back from the rafting bruised, wounded and generally looking like death warmed up but they still jumped. It was the most exhilarating thing I have ever done. It was scary as shit but also I have never been more excited or proud of myself for doing something. I recommend it for anyone, go, jump and be reborn.
What else? I have been reading some pretty good books lately but I have noone to share them with. I make it a point to let atleast one other person read a book I think is good so I don’t mean that kind of share, but talk about. I have an idea to start a book club but I need to know if anyone would actually show. So let me know what you all think.
I guess that’s pretty much it. L8rz.


4 thoughts on “I apologise for being AWOL

  1. i’d so come to your book club! i also feel the need to recommend and comment on whatever i read. that’s y i started putting a ‘currently reading:…’ thing on my profile. and on my myspace. and on my facebook. u get the idea

  2. The books! The books!
    Sad I probably no longer have the time to raze the pages any more, but … I could just stick in and know I have somewhere to run to when I need to get a nice, long read.


  4. now i kno what i gotta do to meet Mr. Iwaya/Mataachi/David Tumusiime

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