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Boo Hoo Hoo:(


My dear dear friend is leaving the country tomorrow, going outside countries, and I am blogging from her home right now where I am sleeping over to push her to the airport early in the morning.
I was just thinking, I have been blogging for like 3 years, not consistently, but I still haven’t gotten to 100 posts while Cherie has already hit the 100 mark and gone over it in only a year.
I still have nothing to say except I can’t wait for UBHH tomorrow and Jinja on Saturday. I might finally get to bungee jump.
I am so totally distracted so you will all hear from me after the UBHH.


7 thoughts on “Boo Hoo Hoo:(

  1. Hey Darlkom good to know that u finally going to do the bungee.. Its worth a try tell us how it goes

  2. choco fudge what r u saying? ur invited too. and be there for the UBHH today. looking forward to new faces

  3. Bungee jumpin? can i come? Probably not…the thought always reminds me of the Fresh Prince episode where Hilary’s boyfriend proposes as he jumps. Lets just say it wasnt a happy ending, S-C-A-R-Y!

  4. tandra; LOL!! that episode was more funny to me than it was scary, the way she went from a white dress to a black one is mere seconds…

  5. Dee, are you going to post something now that its after the UBHH or am I supposed to go somewhere else for personal writing, surprises coming from the closet and lots and lots of thoughts about Shower Hour?

  6. Just read your last post: Big Brother? Go for it!! I know a Kenyan blogger who’s thinking about it. How cool would it be if we could get African bloggers to bombard the producers with entries? We could Take Over The World!!

  7. I am BAAAAAACK looking for things to read. Now that there is nothing, go to my blog and read this post: and tell me what you think. Cheers DM

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