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Sometimes I wonder why I do this. I have just been reading Ishta’s latest post and it is beautiful and here I am again with nothing to say.
I am in that place in my life where I am just tired and I feel restless and claustrophobic, do any of you guys ever feel like that.
A cool thing happened on Sunday, I met a deaf boy and he was teaching me some sign language. Now, I already knew the alphabet so it was kinda easy talking to him but I have a new mission now and that is to learn sign language, who’s with me?


8 thoughts on “Ummm?

  1. Hey since you wanna learn some sign language you should check out I know the dvds are often used for kids but hey us adults can learn alot from them too. Happy signing!

  2. Looky, chic, I am with you like 100%. But where do I start? I am going to hunt about for the alphabet. They must have some kind of association on the net. And you better be serious…

  3. U wanna learn sign language. I wanna do a no-string bungee jump….

    I’m so with u!

  4. Yeah it’s one of my new year’s resolutions to learn Sign Language – I know some of the alphabet and many words and phrases – not enough to have a conversation. I doubt I’ll get a chance to do so this year but I will get around to it next year when my stressful current studies will hopefully be over. Whatever it takes I’m with you on this one.

    I am also in that place where I am tired, restless and dejected. I’ve recently like you had a rejection from someone I was deeply in love with and well it hurts like crazy but I’m a strong person and hopefully I’ll be back on my feet soon. I keep telling myself this but I know it will be hard.

    I hope you are finding your feet. Tuuth is it’s probably too soon but one day it will happen.

    Amit x

  5. RE: “Feeling I am in that place in my life where I am just tired and I feel restless and claustrophobic, do any of you guys ever feel like that?”

    You are looking at the future from up close it looks less like what you had expected all along, and though you still hope it will resolve itself to the pictures in your mind, you are beginning to realise how large the chances are that it won’t. And then you have made one mistake and are afraid of making another so you want to make sure you check out all your options. But checking out everything means getting nothing. Claustrophobic and restless? Uncomfortable standing still, unsure of where to go? Am I right?

  6. Hands to Heaven … That’s what I call Sign Language … and I am with you, all the way, like Avril Lavigne.

  7. Wsup D? showing some love. I know something about you…U have a kind heart!

  8. sign language, good for a lot more than just cheating during exams… (i know the alphabet) i’m with you!

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