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…And I was born


Today is my birthday and I have nothing planned and nothing to say so why the hell am I even here? Funny thing, I thought I was turning 24, I was so sure of it and I kept asking myself how I got there so fast. See, I was born in 1984 so I am only turning 23 so I had skipped a whole year in my head. My mom had too. Isn’t that strange? I honestly could not remember what I had done with my 23rd year and I am so glad I have it back, thank God, I am going to use it for good.
It is 1.30pm and I have gotten a dvd, How to Kill Your Neighbour’s Dog, a wallet and a pair of ear rings. I love presents.
This post is all over the place so I am just going to stop and come back when I have something interesting to say. Toodles.


13 thoughts on “…And I was born

  1. Happy Birthday Dee
    May you live to blow many more candles! Where the party at?

  2. happy birthday

  3. i’m still asking honey, where are we “juicing up”?

  4. Eh! Wait ’til you are in your late 30s. You’ll be losing decades – and knowing where they are going. Thank God you’ll still look 19.

    Oh, and a Glorious Birthday for you.

  5. Happy B-day! and i thought you would make it a day to remember for us too with a pix, but ah well…

  6. Ehhe, happy birthday to u my dear!

    Some cake here for u….

  7. belated’s. ‘ope u’d a nice one!

  8. happy birthday…albeit belated! hope you had fun

  9. Golden Child. You find an extra year the way other people find an extra five k in the laundry.

  10. happy birthday Darlyne!!

    ‘Wouldn’t It Be NIce’ by the Beach Boys…

    but only like the first verse where they talk about getting older… not the rest of it where they say obba we be married…

  11. There are more April babies among bloggers than I had originally counted! And Dee is one of them, happy birthday!

  12. Happy birthday to you. In a few years you will be losing a few years instead of find some you dont have.

    That is an interesting movie you got.

  13. Happy Belated B’day!!

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