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Over it!


I saw him, with her, yesterday and as much as I hate to admit I was really shaken. I said hi, to both of them, and had as polite a conversation as one can have with the man she still loves, against all her better judgement, and his new, once ex, girlfriend. That is by far the hardest thing I have ever done and I am grateful because it provided that closure I so badly needed. I may not be wholly over him but I am well on my way.
I know now that I am strong and I think to myself what right do i have to sulk when children in Darfur who have lost everything can still laugh as they play a game of football outside their concentration camp tents. This is good.
From now on only happy subjects. Toodles.


14 thoughts on “Over it!

  1. You go girl!!!

  2. Otyo! Now, we can proceed. You and the new catch, I mean.

    He lost out, fell back into his miserable history, and had the misfortune of never being able to deny it. Like Sav said, you go, girl!

  3. Ehhuu…(Acholi way of sayin phewww!!!)

    All is happy is blogistan! So am I.

  4. Good girl Now we will be seeing mo of yo smile

  5. she never lost ta smilelol!

    Nyway about looking for the door that opened the moment that one was shut????????Nyc to hear yo ok.

  6. i jst had to say this;

    when i’m sad, thinkin of all those who have it worse than me usually makes me pull my ish together and get on with life. but wen i try it wit my sis, like tellin her how there are others so much worse off than her when she’s depressed, she goes “that stuff just makes me MORE depressed! i don’t wanna hear how the whole world is miserable and suffering!” and that always always makes me laugh!

  7. like cherie put it acholi style ehuuuuuu now we can move on to more constructive bloggy for the window that has opened wedge a stone on the hinge so it never closes.

  8. here’s a soundtrack: Katherine Mcphee-over it!

  9. good on yer!
    and 4 my own sake, may the fleas of a thousand afghan camels infest his posterior and may his arms grow too short to reach round and scratch said posterior, ahmen.

  10. Good for you.

    One day soon he is gonna realise his mistake and come crawling back – I hope you remember this moment then and think of the shmuck he is.

    I was (at the risk of sounding camp) thinking of Gloria Gaynor – I will survive

  11. just saying: i passed by and hoping you are getting on a lot better. cheers!

  12. eeiii Degstar……

  13. Reading your blog for first time.

    Why the need to have a polite conversation with this spineless git? Its OK to say hi (lasts a second), but do not invest anymore of your time even a minute with this despicable being. Hold your head high and walk away. At least you have gotten to see his true colours before you walked down the aisle. I bet he will be back crawling to you real soon………..

    Take care and Love yourself Girl

  14. Nice to know yr doing well Dee.

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