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Ok, here I am about to post the post I have been so dying to post, finally, and not a moment too soon considering its only 3 hours till the next BHH, so here y’all are.

GEEKY CHIC (contd.)

I have been wanting to write a post about this (now, last) month’s UBHH but internet cafes hold no allure. I am finally here though and here goes.
I come to mateos, late, and the first thing I notice is no Josh and then I see Rebecca (Becky, Becca, Becks, Beck, Reba, Reb, I wonder if anyone call her any of those) and my fears are allayed. I then immedialtely spot Carlo and Soki and even before I can be seated, more peiople come. It’s Carlo and I who thought up the L shape and in retrospect I don’t know if it was such a good idea. Anyway, then Cherie comes and, boy, am I excited to se her. We sit around for a while amd I realise I am only talking to people I know socially ie Carlo, Ivan and Cherie, so I decide to not be so anti-social and scooch over to Rebecca and Chris. At about this time, Dante walks in and he looks different from his picture but he kinda looks like I would expect him to. It’s looking at him that I coin, Geeky Chic, as a matter of fact, it can be used to adequately describe all bloggers. We might be geeks but damn it, we are cool geeks and the geeks shall inherit the earth. I mean look at the founders of Google, these are young, good looking millionaire geeks. So geeky chic, oye!!! Anyway, it was the most fun, I laughed so hard and at one point, rebecca almost made my soda come out of my nose. I was really psyched to see Degstar as well, whom i discovered I knew from a previous life. I was shocked and fell in love with his glasses.

That is it, and if there are a million gramatic mistakes, forgive me but I am typing as fast as I can to beat the clock. Laters.


6 thoughts on “Finally!!!

  1. I’m also headed for the BHH, trying to ignore my mild fever. Hope we all have a blast.

  2. Why Dee, I’m flattered. That said, last nite’s BHH was fun again. Pity I had to leave early

  3. ok, some of us didn’t make it last night. tell me, when are you telling us about yesterday’s?

  4. Blast it was!

  5. By calling u Darlz, u can guess who is this or atleast know from which group this came from.
    Anyway its always nice to read yo blog but dont smile yet. Only when i have exhausted other forms of entertainment at work.

    Call me “THE GIFT”

  6. dee ges you had fun was eagerly waiting the results of the bhh how much fun you had explicitly put ama be at the next one.good to have you back post more often.

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