Dee In A Nutshell

Feed Me, Love Me, Never Leave Me.

Anything but that!!!


I just really needed to put something up because it’s starting to look like I have no life and also like I am milking this break up thing for all it’s worth.
I have really been wanting to post about the last BHH but at this rate the next one will come around before I have actually put up my post. So read on for it.


That phrase totally sums it up for me, everyone was so good looking and I was so happy to actually know you guys. I was telling Carlo the other day that I am not up to making new friends except you blogger guys, I swear, just tell me you are a blogger and that’s enough for us to be tight till death baby!
Talking about bloggers, I ran into two bloggers very unexpectedly. I met Scofield and since I love the real Scofield and I love bloggers, this guy has like a double helping from me.
I also met Jay. I met Jay. (Can you read the excitement just leaping off the page?)
Ok I have like 3 minutes so I have to go but I will be back, soon to finish this post.


12 thoughts on “Anything but that!!!

  1. good to have u back Dee..wait..u met Jay???for realz??oh snap..ur lucky..

  2. first of all, couldn’t you like drag him(Jay I mean) to the nearest cafe and make him post “I’m still breathing.” Really, Dee, you’re letting the cause down!

    while i’m here and still able to comment: welcome back! Now to attempt and make the next BHH since my immediate superior is away…

  3. I see you haven’t mentioned how often we have met…soon

  4. Nga the other part is not showing up? :o|

  5. Why, thanks for the news about Jay. I’d have thought you’d do something like tell us everything you talked about, but oh well.

    Waiting for more details on BHH

  6. Dee why 3 mins call me and i hook u up

  7. Who’s Jay?

    Is he someone everyone should know!

  8. @joshi: so, who gets the licking here donald?

    @dee: next bit?

  9. good to have you back,so when do we do this friend thing as i am blogger.when is the next bhh party or meeting,details gal details i live for them

  10. meet u all the time but u jst dnt know am a blogger lol gess that gives me a doudle too lol welcome back.

  11. Amit, Jay is one of the oldest bloggers- like Zinj-anthrompus of blogging.

    He’s been AWOL for sometime now,,,but he’ll be back. I guarantee u that.

  12. and u leave us hanging??

    kale you’re fake!

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