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Excuse me while my heart breaks.


I am miserable and this is not an easy post to write, I have cried sufficiently so now I can actually write this. I think I have been dumped, no, make that, I have been dumped. The man who I thought I was going to marry is such a coward he can’t even do it properly. Ok, I don’t want to be mean but I am officially back on the shelf, yippee!! (Can you totally tell I’m kidding, I’m devastated) Now I don’t want your pity. Just tell me how to get over him, fast.
The details are that I haven’t heard from him in three weeks and he is not dead or out of town, I see him driving along and I just want to scream. Before I accepted that I had actually been sumped I was making excuses like I don’t have a phone and neither does he so we just keep missing each other but he has an email address which I inundated with mail and got not even one reply. I hate that I was so smitten and I can’t stand myself for feeling like I do coz, I might not look it, but I am one tough cookie. I hate that I gave someone the power to make me feel like this. I will be fine I’m sure and I will be back with more light hearted material on how my dating life will be like. I have studied this relationship in retrospect and I see how I did everything wrong. Please tell me how to stop it from hurting so much. See y’all around.


41 thoughts on “Excuse me while my heart breaks.

  1. tub of ice cream…loads of chocolate..old movies and usher’s 8701 album…give it a week..u’ll be fine..if heartbreak the services of Donald Semambo..

  2. Screw Donald Semambo. You could like totally get into drugs and alcohol…seriously though,sorry. if you need a shoulder, you know where.

  3. Dee my heart bleeds for you. Sorry.

    Men are the reason women can never seem to have it all. A woman can have it all going for her then a man has to mess it all for her by breaking her heart.

    You are strong. You are gonna be fine.

  4. I’m so sorry. I know you don’t want our pity. But then again I don’t have that much advice to give.

    Time heals all. Your pain, your hurt. You will get over this. Pray about it, just as I pray for you.

  5. hey Dee i hope this is some kind of Joke banange i had bought a mushanana and dress for the occasions..

    Any ways gal jus keep yo self busy and dont go looking for him…

    aaaah am not good at this mine usually goes with some long island iced tea

  6. Bambi, Dee.

    Okay, the plan is simple. Don’t get another guy. Thing is, `who needs a heart when a heart can be broken’. Actually, that if you don’t want heartbreaks, don’t ever fall in love. Know the emotions for what they are: evil jokes by your left side of the brain.

    That, or be ready to get broken to smithereens and yet indulge the emotion. But you’ll be fine by tomorrow night. Rock Nite and all …

  7. Sorry!!!In the fullness of time, the pain will diminish!! It is his loss!!

  8. You will be fine, I don’t know but you seem to be taking it well. Do not allow it to scab your heart or turn your emotions to bile.

  9. Two reasons why you will be fine… dont have a choice 2. You are tougher than you think. There are no wise words on how to get over him fast…walk thru your pain…walk, dont park. Acknowledge what went wrong…MOVE ON. I dont mean straight into another guys arms..just believe that the right person will come along. A male friend once told me that men never break up with women…they will just avoid you hoping you read between the lines…its called leaving a window open just in case.. My ex did the same…avoided me till 4years later, i found the strength to let go. Now he wants like a MAJOR COME BACK(they always do), he is willing to do anything to win me back. I moved on, am having the last laugh. Baby gal you deserve better. Fish for the strength within you and say Adios, twas nice while it lasted. Good luck

  10. The huddled figure in the corner with you. That’s me.

  11. Johnny did it for me. He just might come in handy for you too. I walked with him for one and a half years before I let go. Johnny Walker (Black) was my best friend during those tough times. Take heart gal. This too will pass.

  12. Hey there Darlyne

    Wait outside his house and slap that twat – if he asks why you slapped him – tell him – for not being a man. What a wimp – doesn’t seem like you’ve lost something important. Looks to me like your better off.

    Hold your head up high girl… Tomorrow is another day.


    PS – great blog

  13. and the best part is; your heart will mend and you will lovr like this again

  14. THAT will be fine. not that i know wat u r going through but i KNOW YOU and i know you can make it. ilove you. REMEMBER WALK DONT PARK

  15. He had no decency to say it to your face!!! Dee, this just goes to show that he wasn’t really worth it from the beginning. Thank God its over now.

    Now the only way to have is to get back to the top! Don’t worry, it takes time and strength, and these are all on your side. So are we! Listen to anonymous up there. We’ve all been there.(well, most of us) so u have great company by yourside).

  16. shoot, i spelled LOVE wrong. love, of all things. imagine. point is you will love like this again.

    and Doris; walk don’t park??? i dunno if it’s supposed to be a joke, but that’s the kinda joke u’d make, lol!

  17. I got a whole bunch of cliches i could whip out but i doubt any of them will do you any good. Instead, i’ma recommend you rent Jerry Maguire, skip forward to the part where he’s breaking up with Kelly Preston and she knees him in the balls and says, “I am NOT gonna let you hurt me!”
    A kick in the balls? Thats some cold shit.

  18. My! Poor Dee dumped. Sorry girl. But I know why!

  19. You friggin love the friggin rock night, Dee! No man wants to marry a friggin woman, however friggin hot she might be, whose second tongue is the friggin’ rock night. That friggin hurts but that’s friggin true. You’re friggin hot, Dee, friggin hot!! But you gave friggin too much of your friggin self to that friggin nigga of a man. You friggin went to rock night and he friggin fucked you. And then he friggin got down to thinkin & friggin realised that your friggin good to have fun with, to hit rock night together, & fuck friggin like hell, but not friggin good enough to make a friggin mother because no good mother friggin loves rock night like friggin hell. That, my friggin dear, was why you were dunped, but ypu can change and your friggin bonkmate will friggin welcome you back into his friggin life and marry you. Because I know he friggin loves though he’s kinda skeptical that a friggin rock night lover will friggin make a good friggin mother. I’m friggin out!!!

  20. I dont even know what to say… I am no stranger to heartbreaks… dang I’m hurtin gnow… but I just saw this on someones blog and I’m hoping it will help me and so I’m gonna share it with you. It’s a quote from Maya Angelou…”No matter what happens or how bad it seems today, life does go on and it will be better tomorrow…….You shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you should be able to throw some things back”.

  21. yuo get what u put in, put in less yu get less shock, put in more, get the shock of your life.

  22. Do you think you are being clever? Do you think you are being funny? Do you think anyone is going to read that odium and not immediately feel disgusted by you? Do you think anyone is going to be impressed? You are like a toddler who has just learnt a dirty word and runs around squealing it all over the playground.

    You are repugnant. Go away.

  23. Rolex Maker, do you think you are being clever? Do you think you are being funny? Do you think anyone is going to read that odium and not immediately feel disgusted by you? Do you think anyone is going to be impressed? You are like a toddler who has just learnt a dirty word and runs around squealing it all over the playground.

    You are repugnant. Go away.

  24. Sorry. I got so mad I double-posted. And I didn’t make it clear that THAT COMMENT WAS FOR ROLEX MAKER.

  25. Sorry. I got so mad I double-posted. And I didn’t make it clear that THAT COMMENT WAS FOR ROLEX MAKER.

  26. Who is rolex maker????

    And we all know it aint Comrade(thats wat he wanted us to think by killin the word “friggin”. No?)

  27. Comrade, I got yo back!

  28. Man, dude just lacks ample vocabulary. Let him be. Thats wat empty tins do, right?

  29. i think he has a case of constipation…Rollex maker i mean..

  30. i think he has a case of constipation…Rollex maker i mean..

  31. i think he has a case of constipation…Rollex maker i mean..

  32. …..Shit happens….lucky u hadn’t walked down the aisle yet… u’ve got a fresh start…no nid 2 rush…

  33. I think we should go back and focus on Darlin. Yes – I like what Amit said – slapping the brother and all. But how does a sister get over a brother and actually spend more time getting stronger? I do not, for the life of me, know how she does. But its much easier if we could show as much support. Yes. I guess that’s it. No shoulders and hands. Just moral support that the bloggers stand with Darlin.

  34. hey darl dont lose sleep that black bum of a man couldnt handle your sizzling hotness and run, look on the bright side the dude culd have put out your heat(you know what i mean)be strong bbaby gal the idiot doesnt deserve you.time to go get urself loved up get ur hair did, your clothes hotter than before and enjoy being single ask cherie she know how it gets done.

  35. Rolex maker as you can see this aint yo teritory kindly take yo small tiny mind back to wandegs where you fellow rollers are.. Shit u suck like a bitch yo even using 27th’s word. Find yo own.. Ssssh

  36. just seen this now, my dear!…what can i say? the first anonymous said it all…

    you’ll be fine,i just know you will

  37. Dee dnt even think of whimperin for that m…f like i call them hez not man enough for u………..u can do better n trust me u will be good take care my dear

  38. Sorry abt ur heartbreak, I hope u’re alright! Sorry to spam, please go to my blog or read THIS NOW.

  39. “Sweetheart, do not love too long;
    I loved long and long,
    And grew to be out of fashion
    Like an old song…” AUTHOR UNKNOWN

  40. CB, lovin the quote.

    Who is that anonymous person that knows I’m “single and lovin it”……

  41. Peeps. I missed this drama! Love is like the measles when it gets ripe and is lost in a flash. Its like that but time heals everything. Thot rolex maker was some coolas chic but she really does grit her teeth with no shame. I will shoot the chic and repent later. Hey Darlin. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The darkness precedes the dawn. There is someone out there who will love you to the death!

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