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On my way home yesterday in the taxi, a song was played over the radio that took me back to S.3. The song is ‘Tenderness’ by Diana King and it is to this song that I danced my first ever slow with a guy who was not my dad. His name was, I guess it still is Peter and he was in Budo. See, I was a scout in my O’level and we got to go to Budo once for a sort of seminar cum conference that included a dance as part of the festivities. Peter was Carlo’s friend and we, Carlo and I hung out with him most of the day (Carlo was a scout too). I think he danced with me just to be polite because he was clearly eyeing Carlo (story of my life). Now there was a boy there who I would have much rather been dancing with but we didn’t get to dance any slows, we did get to dance though and boy, he danced as good as he looked. I wonder what happened to him, oddly enough his name is Peter too.

It turns out I get to go to Mr. Biggs today to watch the 14th episode of Prison Break before he closes shop. It is very sad but I already mourned enough for it and also got into enough trouble already while doing said mourning. I warn you, do not turn to alcohol to allay your sorrows
I had wanted this post to be called ‘A series of Firsts’ until I realised it would include the first paragraph of this post and then I would be stumped because my memory sucks. I tried to remember my first kiss ever and I couldn’t. This could be because it was unremarkable and therefore easily forgettable but you would think that by the simple fact of it being the first I would have bothered to store it away somewhere so I could recall it and compare it to later kisses but no, not me. I have no idea when it happened or who it was with or where I was. Sad, huh?

By the way, turns out I am getting another job but there is no internet connection and there is no free phone but it is a salary so I can go for more Rock Nights.



9 thoughts on “Random Musings.

  1. haha..firsties!!wherez cheri and BS..Baz..mbu Jordan of firsties..njabalaga speedi misinde!!u and carlo were eyeing the same guy..both called Peter..did u share?u were a scout???eh ur as if a tough cookie..first kiss..lousy..cant remember who it was,dont even bother trying to remember!!!

  2. how could i forget my first kiss? i almost lost my upper lip!

  3. “I think he danced with me just to be polite because he was clearly eyeing Carlo (story of my life).”

    that makes 2 of us Dee!!!

    and what’s this i hear about a wedding??? i am so there! now, talk some sence into that sister of mine, she oughta be kissing the game good bye and settling down 2.

    and my first kiss? (sigh) i remember everything! what he wore, where we sat, the teacher that caught us. everything.

  4. Iwaya, were u fighting???

    My first kiss, never to remember!

    Dee, were u among the peeps that sang “scouts be prepared, scouts, is our motto….”

  5. GOS….”the teacher that caught us”

  6. Joshi i am too busy trying to save pple but i will get u as soon as this is done

    Iwaya so u mean u have a half lip interesting am going to look out for you

    Godess the teacher??? Did mummy get to know this is hilarious

    Dee stop mourning over Biggs and lets joing and open up our own good or bad idea

    Cheire i can see you in that ka uniform of scout singing yo lungs out with no tune

  7. @GoS: How could a teacher get you? That’s the only thinkg that makes me wonder … or do you get a kick out of kissing during lessons?

  8. @GOS: Was it like, Show and Tell and y’all figured you’d go a l’il extra?

  9. hmm… Peter from Budo, ey? interesting

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