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Paying the high price.


I went out last night and I drank a drink I don’t usually drink and it did not go down well with my body, so today I am paying in a way I have never paid before. I got up this morning and I felt like a Semi was doing donuts in my brain and I had to clean the entire house because today our help decided to quit, not funny.
In other news, the bilango section, Mr. Biggs is closing, yes, you read right, closing. This place was like the only thing I had going for me and now it will be no more, I will have nowhere to while my evenings away. I am so bummed.
Since my head is still acting up, I can say no more, except, goodbye.


9 thoughts on “Paying the high price.

  1. Been there,done that, got the tee shirt

  2. wat or who is Mr.Biggs?? im kinda lost..someone explain

  3. i hope you are just kidding about the Mr. Biggs thing!that is like the only plot my miserable life is blessed with!

    @Joshi: mr Biggs is a bar along Lumumba avenue just before the FAWEU offices that offers among other things, free movies from wednesday. as in free movies!! see why i have a frown on my face now,on the verge of crying?

    DEE please tell me it isn’t true!!

  4. yah i will confirm it again its closing the owner is my tite so all yo all had better look for another place….

  5. @be_silent: is there a particular reason its going? it seemed popular enough. where r we going to get free movies now?

  6. @Dante he told me he had sound problems and again he got another job so he cant be there to run the business….

  7. That Mr. Biggs place never ever picked up. Its closed b4 I ever set foot there. That must say alot abt management. sorry to step on a few toes here.

    But that place wasn’t IT!

    Dee, I’ll introduce u to Central Perk!

  8. From Blackadder before the drinking competition– Queenie says: Queenie: “I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a concrete elephant.”

  9. I stopped drinkin after such a terrible experience!!! lets juzz not go there..

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