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You gotta give me credit.


I am really trying to blog more regularly now, hopefully this will get me into the nominees for the Uganda Best of Blog Awards.
I am constantly on campus these days because graduation is on and we need to get ready, don’t we? Thankfully, my uncle’s office has a fast internet connection and he hardly ever uses his laptop.
Now that I am here I realise that I have nothing to say. As usual my life is uneventful but I feel so cooped up sometimes. Do you ever get that feeling, like your life is claustrophobic? I think it’s coz I am so tired of living at home, waking up to the faces of my parents everyday. I can barely stand it, so now I have a new resolution and a reason to actually look for a job, I need to move out and get a place of my own, ASAP.
Keep your fingers crossed for me, y’all and ciao.

P.S. I have been going around reading all the blogs and there is so much I have been missing, it feels so good to play catch up.


10 thoughts on “You gotta give me credit.

  1. Firsties!!!

    Thanks Iwaya. Where’s them dogs I be showing some dust!

  2. U Dee, don’t evade some question of mine. I’ll prode u till u give it up.

    I hear u’re walking down that aisle this year!!!! How true?

    Rumour has it…..

  3. Still onthe sokies up there….. yay!

  4. @Cherie: The wedding is dependant on my graduation, if I graduate in february then I will definately get married this year. There will be an open invite for the whole blogosphere so don’t worry about missing the wedding. My heart is set on Dec. 15th because its the wedding anniversary of both Alfred’s and my parents and this year it falls on a Saturday, so I really hope that that’s when it will be. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

  5. there’s like A WEDDING for sure (choke a sob, wipe away a tear) for real??? I can see Degstar’s business enjoying an unprecedented boom then!

  6. and Cherie, you can’t claim firsties here, you have to share!

  7. Heh, wait until you are claustrophobic at a job. You will haha.

  8. cheri you suck with your “firsties.” i want to vomit!!

  9. Nice. I like such coincidences, like you can say the two of you were destined to be together forever; I hope Dec 15th works out.

    @Cherie, you need some air; that cubicle’s working on your brains

  10. KIK go ahead!!!!

    @Minty… that u say it….true dat!

    Lasties………KIK? Still talking?

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