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Ugandan Bloggers’ Happy Hour among other things.


So I know I have been gone like forever but if one of you hired me and provide me with 24hr internet access we would not be facing this problem. I have been going about the business of living and doing a pretty godd job of it too. I went to Mateos on Thursday and it was the most fun ever, if you weren’t there (Cherie) you really missed out. I got a hair cut yesterday, and for those who know me they know this is a milestone. Only a handful of people have seen me so far and my dad really likes it. I still don’t have a job an dit is painfully obvious. I still go for Rock Night religiously and one can always be sure they will see me there.
I don’t know if its coz I have been away so long but I have completely forgotten how to do this, I don’t know what to say, I have forgotten how to be funny (if I ever was) and I am basically flustering through this, forgive me.
So fill me in, tell me what I have missed coz apart from not blogging, I have also not been reading any blogs, any new fights, new loves, new babies I need to know about?
I will be back soon, hopefully on much better form than I am on now.


16 thoughts on “Ugandan Bloggers’ Happy Hour among other things.

  1. when i tell people i have a thing for Dee’s blog they don’t believe me, NOW DO Y’ALL BELIEVE ME???? lemme go read now. welcome back Dee!!!!

  2. Now you have me reconsidering this whole Rock Night thing.

    i wasn’t at the blog thing either (now you know Goddess) but next time, who knows…

    and don’t worry, you’re doing beautifully. rather short but still sweet as ever. you still have the touch.

  3. As in, you no longer have the hair you had at the BHH? Frig. That will be different.
    No pics?

  4. Haircut? Definately a milestone. I can’t believe Iwaya won our bet.

    Dee, the band and I still plan to raid rock night one day. We expect you to have a tambourine or something.

  5. I heard some things. Dee when is the baby due?

  6. i want details of afore-mentioned Happy Hour Dee!!!

  7. U missed alot.
    Fisrt of all…Me!

    then, Minty’s Esperanza. She’s due anytime soon too. She wants a name for the baby. Not Rudolph or Benedict.

  8. Naye, my lugambo has gone too far1

  9. @27th Comrade: BHH, hilarious, why didn’t I think of that?
    @Iwaya: I always knew you loved me, now this proves it, thankyou.
    @Mr. Magoo: Give me about two years, I want to first enjoy my husband before I have to share him with babies. (everytime I say your name, I sound like Mr. Smith saying Mr. Anderson)
    @Cherie: More lugambo!!
    @Everyone: I can’t believe anyone still checks this blog out, thankyou all.

  10. Dee, rumour has it that this year, u’re going down that aisle….!!!??? How true?

    Qualify and quantify that.

    And don’t ask who rumour is! I don’t know him.

  11. Allow Me to reintroduce myself…

  12. You better post again, then again, I like that your gaps between posts are larger than mine. now I don’t seem too bad :o)

  13. The One, some graphic designing!

  14. @Cherie: Oba why, you don’t need any…

  15. Happy Hour– The Disney Version:

    Esperanza arrived at around 7:30. Minty was in the driver’s seat. 27th Comrade was in the back. He had been in the front at first, when Minty picked him up off Jinja Road and offered him a lift, but he annoyed her by trying to replace the Steve Taylor CD in the dash with a Bob Marley one. She sent him to the back immediately.

    Ivan arrived under heavy police escort like Cyrus The Virus from that movie.

    Kenyanchick arrived by helicopter. Everyone was very impressed.

    Baz got there by boda and got cheated by the rider. 1k.

    keitetsi arrived in three different cars.

    CountryBoi arrived on foot like and you do WHAT!

    Degstar had been there all along. He spent the night in the store with the booze.

    Jay and Savage have spent so long outside Kampala that they ended up at the wrong place. They were in Nakulabye waiting at a kafunda called Matiya’s.

    Anyway, nga we all get down and start the party but electricity fires. But it’s okay. Cheri, Carlo, Dee Lissingmink and Inktus smile and light up the table.

    Joshua and Jackfruity start to make the order, but we have to stop them and explain that that is not a waiter, that is Iwaya.

    Be Silent gave us karaoke version of Be Without You and the deejay broke his Mary J Blige CD swearing that from then on the only version he was going to play is Be Silent’s.

    Joshi wanted to dub some Dancehall lyrics but there was too much beer.


  16. @fly on the wall, your wall is on a castle in the air. Nonetheless, I’m reaching for my flyswat. Your kind should die!!!

    Dee!! Hi!

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