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So I know I have been gone like forever but if one of you hired me and provide me with 24hr internet access we would not be facing this problem. I have been going about the business of living and doing a pretty godd job of it too. I went to Mateos on Thursday and it was the most fun ever, if you weren’t there (Cherie) you really missed out. I got a hair cut yesterday, and for those who know me they know this is a milestone. Only a handful of people have seen me so far and my dad really likes it. I still don’t have a job an dit is painfully obvious. I still go for Rock Night religiously and one can always be sure they will see me there.
I don’t know if its coz I have been away so long but I have completely forgotten how to do this, I don’t know what to say, I have forgotten how to be funny (if I ever was) and I am basically flustering through this, forgive me.
So fill me in, tell me what I have missed coz apart from not blogging, I have also not been reading any blogs, any new fights, new loves, new babies I need to know about?
I will be back soon, hopefully on much better form than I am on now.


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