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How have you been, my sweets?


I know I have been gone forever and I have not been posting or even trying to post twice a week as I promised but Internet Cafes are bogus, which is why I am in Alfie’s office making use of his facilities.
Iwaya, I am not dead and I will thank you to not be reading my eulogies just yet.
I have been the complete opposite of not busy and loving it. The only thing I ever have to do is go to the bank everyday to bank my Mom’s money (she says it’s the least I can do to keep myself busy). I have finished one wonderful book, Life after God – Douglas Coupland and have started another, Still Life With Woodpecker – Tom Robbins. I have finished the second seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and House and am repeating Friends. I have started Heroes (sorry, Dante) and am trying to make it through the fifth season of Smallville, which is hard. I go to Mr. Biggs on Lumumba Avenue which, some of you know, shows movies from Mon – Thur, for free. The Departed is showing on Thursday, so if you’re not doing anything come by and we can go to Steak Out after the movie, for Rock Night.
Nothing more to say, ‘cept, “Damn, it feels good to be back.”
Toodles. 🙂


18 thoughts on “How have you been, my sweets?

  1. so thats wat u have been upto the whole time!!!..hint, season 5 of smallville,especially the last bits

  2. last time i made a date with u, u stood me up.

  3. I will be very there. Make sure you bring a single friend. meanwhile good to have you back.

  4. so much for world domination, one hero at a time.

    oh, yeah. u stood me up too the last time.

  5. tell me, why is that we are always reading just about the same books at the same time? i so read Life after God like 2 weeks ago, in the taxi home and to work, at work and anywhere else where i had free time. just finished the bookseller of kabul…i wonder what i’ll be reading next…welcome back Dee!

  6. SOund like someone’s in bliss. Now to scout bloggers at Mr. Biggs…

  7. merry X-mas

  8. This is the spirit to enter the new year. I can see you were smiling while writing this. Happy New year

  9. I have never stood anyone up, ever! Degstar and Dante, we didn’t have specific dates set, it was all tentative, so if y’all will get back to me with concrete dates and times, I will be there, with bells on.

  10. Iwaya, you guys are always reading the same brilliant books? You must know a good dealer.

  11. @Baz: tote that horn, brother!

    @Dee: can’t you like sneak into His office again for a quick Jay-like post? yeah, Jay is kinda back and that leave you! the rest of the class has already come in for their New Year Lessons!

  12. DOES DEE KNOW IT IS 2007?

  13. there’s a theatre in K’la that shows movies for FREE now??? that does it, i’m on the next flight outta dis joint…

  14. Darlene Komukama??????

  15. woman..where art thou!!

  16. Baz says he’s going to be the first to comment when Dee posts a new one. He ain’t! i’m on the prowl.

  17. hi do you by any chance have a sister called Emily? Just inquisitive, you so look like somebody she has shown me to be her relations… I mean Emily.

  18. Dee, show face! U went to the happy hour. U surely have to blog sooner or later.

    We miss u!

    And I speak for everyone.

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