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The time of my life.


I am, right now in an internet cafe and I had forgotten just how slow some connections can be, it sucks and for the first time this week, I am really missing my job.
Other than that, I am having the time of my life. Seriously, I can wake up whenever and go to sleep whenever and not have to find what to wear every morning, it rocks. You guys should try it sometime.
Don’t have much time so I will fill yinz in on what’s happening some other time. Miss all o’ y’all so much. Much love and kisses.


7 thoughts on “The time of my life.

  1. it’s just that you are a girl, if you are a guy and you quit your job to stay at home, you won’t be on too many people’s faves list.

  2. truedat that sav…by the way dee ur blog has been inaccesible for the past 3 days,where u revamping oba uganda decided to deny us access to ur blog?

  3. yeah, why was your blog inaccessible? i thought they had told u you couldn’t blog also.

    have you guys noticed lately the much kisses xxx and hugs beng tucked in there like cream on cake?

  4. You know, Dee, if you can’t reach the net to give updates, I could, like, make up shit and spread rumours. All you have to do is ask.

  5. mmm…… cake

  6. I know you’re probably never going to do this so i have gone ahead and chosen the two best entries from your blog that for me blew me away:

    for sheer fun, beauty,and being engrossing, the winner: Awesome Weekend!!! that one was a knocker, a winner, beyond compare, the one abt your holiday.

    and the runner-up, came damn close but did not win: Answers. the one where you took questions from your readers and answered them. the part that really got me was when you explained true love and infatuation. i will never forget that.

  7. Heh, Dee, easy on the lazing. When it’s time to get back to work, it feels like hauling a trailer with a rope. Badd!

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