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Rock Night Chronicles


First, there was no Rock Night Chronicles last week coz I did not go for Rock Night last week.
So, last night I leave work, go to Ntinda to see a friend of mine and then on to Steak Out where I rocked with Baasha and Kaza and there was an as-if new DJ and the music was excellent. What I am going to start doing, since all I’m going to have is time on my hands, is actually make a list of the songs that are played every Thursday so you guys don’t think I am saying the music was nice just because. I ran into Cherie again and I walked up to yet another guy to ask him if he is Jay. There is this guy who I always saw hanging out next to DJ’s booth with a beard so I assumed he was Jay, one day I walk up to him and ask him and it turns out he is the manager of Steak Out which would explain why he is always there in the exact same spot. Yesterday, I saw another guy with a beard who actually looks like the picture on Jay’s blog and I walk up to him and below is the conversation;

Me: Are you by any chance the blogger known as Jay?
Him: What?!?
Me: Do you blog?
Him: What?!?
Me: Blog!
Him: My name?
Me: Ok, is it by any chance Jay?
Him: No (with the most incredulous look on his face)

I should provide some context for the above conversation. It was loud… we were standing next to the DJ’s booth and they are like a multitude of speakers near there and also I had been staring at him a bit to ascertain that it was infact Jay before I walk up to him. He must have thought I was hitting on him, poor guy, and it wasn’t Jay, duh!
All in all, it was another very satisfying night.

In other news, today is my last day at work and this is my last post from this building. Now, please, no tears, I am just fine. The apprehension I was feeling, all gone. I can’t wait to blow this place (would have liked to say town).

I am going for a wedding tomorrow, one of my friends is getting married. I feel like I am being left behind, not for long though because before you know it y’all will be getting a virtual invite to my wedding. Wish me luck out there in the big bad world.

Kisses xxxx

P. S. Someone asked me a very weird question last night that I thought you guys might help me with, “When is the right time to fart infront of your new boy/girlfriend?”


6 thoughts on “Rock Night Chronicles

  1. I would have so lved to help you with your question, but seeing as I so money I don’t fart, I am gonna have to disqualify myself from attempting an answer. Clearly I am not an authority on farting.

    Cherie, any suggestions?

  2. lol. u know ur a dead man, mr. magoo.

    @ darlkom, personally, I dont think there is ever a right time, so i’m gonna hav to go with “…by accident”

  3. never ever do dat shit round ur gal/boy! dat shit will come back to haunt ur ass! So Cherie, wen is d rite tym?

  4. crazy, bold & funny that u cd hit on ‘jay’ like that. poor guy!

  5. Wats all this kabozi. I don’t fart, can’t seem to do this. No medical explanation for it.

    Savage…u look like u’d know that answer. Seriously.

    But where on earth is JAY??? Should we be worried???

  6. i couldn’t help myself but dive in this question, its the most bizzare thing that could happen. I read in a mag about how this chic dealt with this kind of situation by taking her boyfriend with her to the loo so he could get used to it…and apparently it worked.

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