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Scary Changes


I am leaving my job on Thursday and I am terrified. I didn’t think I would care but I guess it’s only natural to feel a bit of apprehension before such a major decision. The things I am going to miss most are my all day access to the internet and a free phone. I abused the company phone so much in that I am sure the bill is so going to reflect my abscence. My friends will miss the free phone thing too, won’t you Ivan? I, however, will not miss waking up early and looking for what to wear, those two things I can do without. Oh, I will miss having a disposable income as well. 😦
I said scary changes, but really there is only this one major change. I’ll be fine though, right?


12 thoughts on “Scary Changes

  1. Hey, you are the Golden Child. You have nothing to worry about. I have never seen a life more charmed.

    But that makes you like the fifth blogger in this side of the net to resign from a job, you know?

    (@ Minty for when she arrives: I am the sockies champ!)

  2. uh oh. seems like the bug is running thru the blogosphere like, like…like what oba? So you want to start a company like Deg? Inspirational speaker?

  3. loving this look, by the way.

  4. when you got to go,you got to’ll be okay. and even if it doesn’t feel like you are okay,even that is okay.

  5. Fare thee well oh phone…What don’t kill you will…snap! Been unemployed,its surprisingly easy to pull off

  6. Can ya’ll believe she quit her job to become a housewife. Wait! she and Alfred aren’t even married for real. That makes her a housegirlfriend. It’s not even like she has kids, for we could have said she wanted to spend more time with her kids.

    When she sis not busy quitting her job, she doesn’t go down easy. So obviously she is gonna try to spin this. Whichever way she spins it, people I got this from reliable sources. Don’t believe a word she says.

    This Ivan who told Cherie he runs a consultancy business in town, is he the same one who was coming for the free phone?

  7. @Mr. Magoo formerly known as Savage: I did not quit to become a housewife and even if I had I would not feel the need to lie about it, Mr. Magoo. Oh, and yeah,it is the same Ivan.

    @everyone else: New developments coming up soon.

  8. i await your next incarnation as the voice ..wait…developments still in progress…all the best bloggers are kinda quiting on us. this is so shitey! no, i’m not going to go all arms slung around your shoulder and say its ok, its not, i’m going to miss you like the tooth i lost the other day!

  9. the fact that you left as opposed ot being asked to leave means this is all for the best, right?

  10. @”the champ of sokies” I wish I had all the net time u had. Had it then. then I dumped my old job and got this one where I only get to surf at close of business-see how fast I am with the jargon?-

    Dee,,,do u have a soft landing spot??? And not Alfie!!!

    I’ll miss that phone too! remember???

  11. @Savage….ROTFLMAO!

    lets see wat Ivan has to say about it.

  12. Free phone, didn’t I pay for that in some way or another? No? For Shame…

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