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Rock Night Chronicles


So I have been AWOL for a while which can be explained by the fact that there were two rock nights this week so I didn’t come to work on either Friday or Saturday. On Thursday I went to Steak Out as usual but I wasn’t there long. First I went to Al Zizi’s to meet a few of my friends of mine and when they left I went to Steak Out where, at the entrance, I met one of my oldest friends, Kaza with Baasha and Brian, we go in and meet 2 of my oldest friends, Faith and Miti with Kate (friend too, but not as old). Later on my Alfie passed by (oh, he’s back from gallivanting about the world) and took me home. A fun night though a bit on the tame side. Got home and got to tallking to my mom for about 4 hours finally got into bed at 3.00am and just could not get up for work on Friday.
Friday is rock night as Al z’s so I went back there. This was really cool because Ivan passed by with Paul and Kiwa and they came with flash discs full of some really new, really rockin’ music so it was pretty cool. Left there and relocated to the Rouge, which I love but hadn’t been to in ages because Hubby has my membership card and I really feel like I’m putting my membership to waste if I pay for my entrance, which I had to do this time though. Had a blast and later went to Ange and finally got home at about 5.00am. There was no way I was going to make it in to work on Saturday considering the amount of alcohol I had consumed and the time I got into bed. I was supposed to go out on Saturday again but there was no way I was going to manage that since my hangover lasted till Sunday morning (love that song by Maroon 5).
Otherwise, I have officially handed in my two weeks notice, I am leaving this place on November 30th or maybe December 1st. That means I won’t be able to post as regularly but I will seriously try to post at least twice a week.
That’s it my darlings, goodbye.


2 thoughts on “Rock Night Chronicles

  1. And finally she quit her job and became domestic.

  2. twice a week?! can u reconsider? bse u r already updating like only once a week already before you leave the job!

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