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You are going to be just fine dahling!


So I went swimming on Saturday at a private pool. Sounds all exclusive, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. It is at a friend’s house so I guess that is about as private as you get, right? I hadn’t been swimming in a while. Granted, I went to the same pool the previous Saturday but I can’t exactly call what I spent 4 hours doing swimming. This time I went all out and I paid dearly for it on Sunday, as I am still paying. Every muscle in my body is rebelling against the impulses from my brain, I can barely move. Typing this is using up more energy and will power than I have used in the past year.
Anyway, I ran into Cherie and BS yesterday at AlZizi, as someone I know refers to it. I was going to say that this blogger sighting is getting out of hand then I realised I only see the same bloggers. Where are the rest of you? Show yourselves.


What is all that about? I hate being out of the loop so if you have any ideas clue me in.


5 thoughts on “You are going to be just fine dahling!

  1. darlkom firsties. Total coolness.

    But that million shillings question pisses me off. It’s a stupid question. Who are those people so I can give them a stern word?

  2. And as for blogspotters, I ran into The One at the police station. He was being brought in for drunk and disorderly behaviour when I was there paying Degstar’s bail.

  3. oh my god that stupid question annoys me too. are they just trying to fill up the papers or what. it reminds me of the time we were waiting for that mango thing… i thought it was a new drink only to find out its a network service. maybe this time its a BANK

  4. yah, i can’t be annoyed by it cuz this is my first time to hear it. but wit a million good ones, i’d probably donate to the rehabilitation of northern Uganda.

  5. one million wouldn’t even be enough to pay my fees so i’d probably go out and splurge on some shoes and handbags. oh, why is everyone annoyed with the question? is it some sort of over-advertised thing in Ug?

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