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Rock Night Chronicles


I apologise that I haven’t posted in a week, even I can’t believe it’s been that long, instead I have been blog hopping and thoroughly enjoying myself doing so.
So I went for rock night again yesterday and I am not going to complain about not being hit on because I was only there for an hour and was mobile the whole time so I didn’t really give anyone a chance to hit on me. Ivan attoned for his sins by coming with me this time since he ditched me the last and although we were only there for about 10 songs it was, as always, a blast. I got to talking to one of the djs who said that he will be leaving soon and since the other dj is Kenyan, I am hoping this does not spell the end of rock night as we know it or at the least it’s decline. I propose we run a ‘Save the Rock Night’ campaign and find some cool dj so that I don’t have to spend my Thursday nights moping about the house.
In other news, I am totally bored with my job and seriously considering quitting. What I am going to do is go to Mombasa on Dec 1st, then go to Goa with my husband for Christmas and New Year’s and if the job is still here when I get back, I will keep it, if not… whatever.
Gotta go and actually earn my next paycheck. Toodles.


9 thoughts on “Rock Night Chronicles

  1. eh mama, kale gwe!

  2. Oookay, now i see, now i get it!

  3. mwe abana mukomba life.Temuli ku basilu.

  4. @Iwaya: get what?

  5. thanx a lot, dee. grrr

  6. Only one hour? That explains why I didn’t see you there.

  7. wait, did i read right? you wanna go to goa as in the Goa in India?? like the India where I’m at???

    if so, i could plan on being there and we could make it a real party! oh please oh please come!!!

    and bring doris for me!

  8. wait, did i read right? r u planning on going to Goa as in the Goa in India? as in the India where I’m at??

    If so, i could plan on being there and we could make it a real party!

    please oh please come! and bring doris for me!

  9. @inktus: it’s the real Indian Goa and I’m so gonna be there so you’d better be there too. oh dee, if you dare dump your man before goa i’ll so kill you! and that’s an empty threat but you know it and yet it’s still a threat. peace.

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