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For Iwaya.


Not really, but I figured since you asked for it and since you already got a post all for yourself on Cherie’s blog, I might as well make you feel even better.
Now, I haven’t even been AWOL for that long so I don’t know what D… sorry, Iwaya is complaining about but I have got to say that the abscence is for no other reason but the simple fact that I am boring, like Doris likes to remind me oh so often.
In other news, I am slowly turning into an alcoholic. I never used to let alcohol cross my lips… then (woe is me) Smirnoff Black Ice was introduced and it was my downfall. My excuse or reason for not drinking was always that nothing tasted nice enough or even at all but Black Ice tastes amazing, the first sip after a long day is a like a little slice of relief, release, a glimpse of a quiet sandy beach at dusk, I tell if you haven’t tried it yet you are seriously missing out. It’s 8:00 am and I have a slight headache from the few I consumed last night otherwise I would be more prolific about the joys of Black Ice.
In an entirely unrelated development, I met a bajaj guy who didn’t know where Bukoto is, can you believe that? He knew Ntinda and Kiira Road but had no idea that the place in between had a name and that that name is Bukoto. I don’t want to pass judgement but people you have to be some kind of a very special ‘ijot’ not to know or maybe not.
I have something going on that I will inform yinz on as soon as it turns into something.
It’s raining so I am going to go have myself a cup of coffee, no make that a hot chocolate. Laterz.


11 thoughts on “For Iwaya.

  1. this thing says you posted this entry at 7:56am, damn you’re office by that time? yeah, be very afraid y’all who thought you could hide your identities from me, i got a tracker thing going on!

    how many is few of the black ice(s??) you consumed?

  2. @Iwaya…can u let it go? Wat is this obsession with u and bloggers’ real identities? Snoop!

    Shhh, I also have it now…I know half of u! The other half….just u wait!

  3. @Cherie: you didn’t know? I work for Nsaba! All Hornsleths must go!

  4. @Iwaya…GOTFLMAO.

  5. Confession: I am Iwaya.

  6. I know all about the Smirnoff Black Ice addiction… I also never drank acohol cuz it taste bad but then came along Smirnoff now when Im offered a drink…my response…’yes thank you’.

  7. Iwaya likes Cherie.
    Cherie’s gat a boyfriend nanananananana!
    ur secret’s out now

  8. Dee, did Alfie influence you into becoming a drunk?

  9. @Savage: No, he met me just after I had peaked. Why, is it something you would do?

  10. Not exactly. I never tasted alcohol in my 28 years on this planet.

  11. Be easy on the bajaj guy. He probably came straight from Mubende and his bro hooked him up with the bike. He does the natete, busega kyengera axis and it happened to be the rare time he had come to town when you bumped into him.

    Liking alchohol does not an alchoholic make. It is not being able to do without it thats the bitch. Enjoy the black ice.

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