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Be Silent!


Before I start, everyone go here and post a comment, just trying to be a good friend.
I saw Be Silent on Friday at Al Zawadee’s Rock Night. (You happy?) Friday was a really good night for me, not only because I ran into BS but because I was out with my husband after forever. I love rock, and if you have been reading my blog you know this, so it helped that they were playing it this very night. It was so much fun and ended much too soon but I want write about more than this is how I was locked out of my house this very night. I parted ways with Alfie at about 2.00am and got a cab home where I sat outside the house for a half hour pounding on the door to no avail. I finally gave up and decided to join Ivan a.k.a Genius at Cheese bar. I have never been locked out no matter how late I have been, apparently no one heard because the boy who usually opens the door was out as well. Unbelievable. Even after all this, Friday was still a really good night for me.
I seem to meeting many bloggers these days, I met Country Boy on Sunday, granted this was arranged not like bumping into Caramel/Pancake/Idi Koko/Cherie L’amour or whatever she is calling herself these days (girl, I can hardly keep track). Country Boy is helping me out with a little something but still it is a little weird putting faces and expressions and nuances to all these characters that are such a big part of my life on a daily basis, you know.
In other news, I didn’t go for the PAM Awards after all, it seems my demands were just too much for anyone to handle. It doesn’t sound like I missed much though, or is that just me trying to make myself feel better?
Nothing more, laterz.


13 thoughts on “Be Silent!

  1. Its pronounced Idi Kuku-remember that guy from some west africa comedy? he used to go like “Idi kuku, who stole my banana?”

  2. very crucial this question: where did u eventually sleep? coz am rereading the post and i see no mention of this. hmmm, kati u became a true street kid?

  3. WHo are thes bloggers betraying our bloggerhood and actually stepping away from their computers? How come i havent bumped into anyone lately? I suddenly feel very left out of this bumping into each other.

  4. ha i am the lucky one today u should stop stalking me tho everywhere i go i see that ka face… Is kampala too small for you?

  5. @Cherie: I remember now, it was Ghanaian or something on URTNA.

    @Mataachi: Living the hard life, munange, anyway, I slept at a friend’s place in Speke Apartments, Kitante Close, it was so awesome I spent the weekend.

    @Rich and Handsome: You’re not even in Uganda so can it plus you see Ray alot so you can survive on that till you get here,

    @BS: I plan to conquer the world. mmmuuhahaha, mmmuuuhahaha (that is supposed to be some ka evil laugh).

  6. Should I ever want to keep you out everyday of the week (for whatever reason) I will start a rock night in different parts of town everyday.

  7. PAM Awards sucked.They didn’t win. Nice legs though.

  8. I’m with JR. There’s a lot of blogger unveiling going on. I’m also going to start moving around town with eyes peeled

  9. @JR & Minty: I’ll never been taken alive! Never will the deep, dark secret of Iwaya be unveiled, never! uh…mposi what had i come here to say?

    yes, Dee, me am not happy. u notice i’m trying to talk local(?)result of a serious hangover from coming here and unlike previously where after every two days there’s something new to read, today there’s NOTHING! Bannage! update!

  10. ps: @Minty: I wouldn’t call that an unveiling!

  11. @Iwaya: do you forget I know who you are?

  12. hi…any CHOGM updates? I am waiting. Cheers

  13. Another thing, can you come up with a list of blogs you recommend one to follow-up on? It would be a great job for a person like me with limited IT skills. Cheers and thx. Jovi

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