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Post Rock Night Chronicles


I haven’t been to Steak Out for Rock Night in ages and last night I was there inadvertently (is that the spelling?) I had a wedding meeting to attend there yesterday and it ran a little long so I hung around afterwards with my girlfriend, Benita.
Allow me to digress a little, I have nothing against people who hold wedding meetings, don’t get me wrong but having never been to one, I didn’t know why Alfred was so opposed to the idea of one. Now, however, I am completely in agreement with him, I won’t do it. I am going to start saving seriously so that I can pay for my small wedding by myself.
Back to ‘The Steak’, like my friend refers to it. We go to the bar get ourselves a drink and who do we run into but the inimitable Cherie L’Amour herself. Now let me just say that those pictures that some of us were lucky to see do not do her a lick of justice. Those of you who didn’t see probably don’t know what I am talking about, too bad. I must say that I love being a girl, if a guy was gushing over the looks of one of his own I would question his sexual orientation but with me it’s ok, right? Even if it isn’t, like the stereo typical blonde high school bitch would say, Whatever!
Meanwhile, every one is asking me if I am going for the PAM Awards and unfortunately my answer is a sad no so if any of you are going and need a date, I am beautiful arm candy, intelligent and cheap. I want to go VIP though only for the tables. Holla. Did I mention funny?
See y’all at the winners’ table.


22 thoughts on “Post Rock Night Chronicles

  1. Does Alfie approve of this PAM awards arrangement?

  2. But u Dee, u ran off so fast!!

  3. Am so loving this template.

  4. i heard mike mukula is looking for an escort. u interested?

  5. yes, really, what does HE think of this arrangement? oba you are allowed to see other people too? you know this is the new trend.

  6. @Sav & Iwaya: Like I always say (not), ‘You snooze, you lose.’So if he does not have any plans of taking me I still gotta go, don’t I? Seriously though, who is taking me.
    @Deg: What’s his number?
    @Cherie: I had to jet, I was with one of ‘the curfewed.’

  7. @Iwaya: P.S. Totally monogomous, btw.

  8. im feeling the new look…damn it girl it rocks!!

  9. Why trouble the world with wedding meetings? It dont matter how tight you think you are with your friends, none of them is happy to be there. Not the one.
    Vegas, baby. Elope to Vegas. Yes, it is cheaper and less irritating than the whole shindig.

  10. “You snooze, you lose.” That is when he unleases his belt and gives you a brief tutorial about who really wears the slacks in this relationship as opposed to the two of you wearing jeans.

  11. i have a free non-VIP ticket. i’m not going. if u want u can have mine

  12. @Richie: So with you on that but my Moms would kill me.
    @Savage: I never figured you for the violent type.
    @Dante: How uber sweet of you but I am being a very choosy beggar in that I want VIP or a night infront of the t.v going through season 5 of Smallville which you so made me lose gas for.

  13. ah,Darlkom,so thou hast decided to go one up on mine template…soon…soon…

  14. @Dee- yeah, I beat up chicks who try to kuyitilila on me. I beat up this other one and she called her brother.I told her brother to go call 7 of his friends so I could take all 8 0f them that way I could spread the damage amonst them equally. Otherwise I would have killed him alone. When the 8 of them came, first I beat the strongest and the rest of them run away.

  15. @Sav….Wake up!

  16. Dee, I will join you. Am with you on wedding meetings and the frustrations in it.

    My preference? Yes, a meeting for planning the wedding. Not a wedding meeting. No.

    I gather it was/is an old African thing. Uncle this, relative that and neighbour there brought this and that gift.

    So the ceremony was communial. Whoever was happy to play ball.

    Today the spirit remains but the motives have changed. To s’thng like. Profit.

    I have heard people even fake weddings to hold the meetings.

    See why I am on with you? Just to plan the wedding, not WEDDING MEETINGS.

    Cheers – great blog

  17. BOBI WINE oyee!

  18. Ani Amumanyi?

  19. okay i have beef for you unless you blog tha you saw me on friday(is that the day i saw u at alza?) Hmmm cherie is over shadowing me

  20. @BS…ha!ain’t taking it lying down,eh? you won’t “Be Silent” ?

  21. This template is great!!Wedding meetings HuH!!

  22. does everyone know everyone here???

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