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Change (gon come nephew)


As is evident I have changed my template. I like blue so I love this new template. Pretty cool, don’t you think?
Otherwise, I am bored out of my mind, nothing interesting is happening therefore, I have nothing to blog about. Sorry. (Doro, deal with it!)


10 thoughts on “Change (gon come nephew)

  1. what? where is your profile plus the picture?

  2. I have ooh and aahed. Nice template

  3. @Savage: Better?

  4. It will take me sometime to get used to this drastic leap of change. thus is blue, very blue, maybe too blue! but that won’t keep me away coz Dee, you know, i’m like an addict here.

  5. kinda grows on one though.

  6. This is so blue it makes me wanna pee! Huh, c’mon guys, fellas…anyone know what I’m talkin about? oh shit, there it comes.
    whats that above your profile picture though?

  7. @Rich: That is supposed to be coral, would you believe it? No idea why you’re talking about peeing though.
    @Iwaya: Glad to be a fix.

  8. u since wen did u start liking BLUE? any way its just sooooooooooooo Blue. why dont u write about your “HUSBANDS” RETURN

  9. “HUSBAND’S RETURN,” I like THAT title.

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