Dee In A Nutshell

Feed Me, Love Me, Never Leave Me.



I stumbled upon this hilarious blog, The Letter D, seriously, y’all should check it out. (Check out the Urban Dictionary too for the definitions of some of the words.)


12 thoughts on “Hilarious.

  1. I am sorry to spam, but ya’ll need to Watch this Invisible Children music video

  2. @Savage: it was beautiful but I didn’t even hear about it here, how ironic. Please feel free to spam whenever.

  3. @Dee….i swear,does the word “pillow talk” ring any gongs???

    I just figured out something!

  4. (hehehehehehehe!)Dee are trying to make some kind of confession?

  5. and what is going on about? it’s like it’s always the man’s fault!!!

  6. since we’re spamming. y’all should check out Indexed for a rather,… different take on blogging. sorry darlkom

  7. @Dante: That is a really quirky, weird blog, funny though. Nice link.

  8. as dee’s best friend (i dare you to dispute that woman) for almost a decade, I feel like I have to say something: this woman really is that open. i remember when she sat me down and told me all her gory details about her first time and all, I WAS ONLY 17!!!

    @dee: girl you’ve got balls to be this open but that’s why i love you.

  9. @Carlo: how gory?

  10. @Iwaya: Lugambo!!!

  11. @Dee: I was only being a good jo– hehehehe! Couldn’t help it!

  12. @Darlkom- That smile runs from Cairo to Cape Town.

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